Monday 1 July 2019

5 Things I've Added To My July To-Do List

5 Things I've Added To My July To-Do List
I can't quite believe that it's July already; before we know it it'll be 2020! I wish this season would slow down a bit though, but with the recent spate of 34 degree weather, I think it's going to stay warm for a while. Here are five things I've added to my July to-do list.

Plan Lots of Outfit Shots | Our local poppy, lavender and sunflower fields are slowly, but surely coming out, so I've got to plan some time to do a photoshoot in each of these locations. I love photographing in the Summer because we have such long evenings, so I can get lots done without having to think I've got to wrap it all up by 4pm. Think flowing white dresses, straw hats and culottes! 

Book An European Trip | We want to go on our next European trip in September, so thought this month would be best to put everything in motion; planning where we want to go first followed up by how we're going to get there and where we'll be staying. I'm thinking Romania, Amsterdam city and Luxembourg at the moment! 

Enjoy The Sunshine | I think it's easy to overestimate how long this lovely weather will stick around for and if you're anything like me, I find it even easier to moan about how too hot it is. I was to make it my mission to make the most of the sunshine, 

Read More | I've got it in my head that I want to make my way through my TRP this Summer, so I can get some fresh books in the Autumn. I convince myself I can't find time, but I think taking even half an hour before bed to settle down with a read will help me get through one in no time at all. 

Do HIIT Workouts | I ride my bike during the warmer months atleast four times a week, but I love to challenge myself in my own at-home workouts too. I think it's a great way to lift my mood if I'm feeling sluggish and it works all my muscles too. 

What's on your July to-do list? 

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