Friday 21 June 2019

Four Non-Makeup Products To Try

Four Non-Makeup Products To Try
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I often share my favourite makeup products, but rarely make time for just dedicating a post to the skincare and haircare I've been loving too. Today I am sharing with you four products that I think are worth a try and that I have been using a lot recently. 

I've been excited to try the Kristin Ess Bubble Mask for the longest time, so it had a lot to live up to. It was going to be a make or break whether or not I would invest more into the brand, so I was pleased when I was happy with the results. It's cooling and soothing on the scalp, all whilst removing product build up making for a much more effective shampooing experience in my opinion. The only note I have is to not follow the instructions on the back, but instead section the hair into four sections (or as many as you like) and spray directly to the roots. Applying a dollop to your hands and massaging it in just didn't work out for me, so they best way to go is to apply it as close as you can get. 

My hair has been quite frizzy now that the weather is slowly getting warmer, so I've been relying on the Umberto Giannini Miracle Styling Milk to help smooth my locks after washing. It's great when applied to damp hair, so that it keeps everything under control. I try and not wash my hair too often, so instead of it getting greasy, it starts to get dehydrated first. I apply this product to the ends and it keeps my hair feeling soft, smooth and nourished in-between washes! 

The sun is now shining and although I use SPF all year around, the Glossier Invisible Shield is my favourite. It's invisible so it doesn't leave a white cast and has a nourishing feel so it sits well under makeup without disrupting foundation, all whilst not smelling of the typical SPF scent. 

I am an avid user of physical body exfoliators and I try and use them multiple times a week to rid the body of any dry patches I have, all whilst making the skin looking brighter. The REN AHA Smart Renewal Serum* is a great alternative when I want something easy and quick to use as it helps with uneven skin tone and has cleared up any blemishes I have over my body!  

What are your current non-makeup favourites? 

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