Sunday 16 June 2019

A Bedroom Makeover Plan

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You many notice from the photographs throughout this post that part of my bedroom has had a bit of a makeover, but the area is still looking pretty bare and unfinished. Rather than waiting til the end to show you the finished result, I thought I would showcase what it's currently looks like whilst I'm in the midst of deciding what needs adding or moving about. 

As you can probably see I have a hanging planter that needs filling and I personally love the way it looks hanging from the side of our very oversized mirror. I think once a plant has been placed there (I'm thinking string of pearls!), I think it'll fill the area nicely, but I'm still tempted to add even more house plants to this area in the form of a Wall Mount Terrarium. This gold pick is perfect and doesn't break the bank either, I think it'd be a very cute and welcomed addition. 

Another piece from UO that I've been eying up is the Phases of The Moon Wall Hanging which is brass and looks like it would fill the empty space below my shelf and above my macrame nicely - if I move it. The Pressed Flower A4 Frame is honestly beautiful and is something a little bit different to a usual print as we already have a mini gallery wall up in our bedroom above where we sleep. 

Talking of our bed, I've switched most of the cushions that were on it and put them downstairs instead which means there's now space for some new picks. Due to the theme of natural rattan and mustard, I'm thinking of going along that colour palette for our scatter cushions too. I've got to admit these Posh Totty Velvet Round Cushions are tickling my fancy at the moment!

Here are a few of my other ideas: 

Do you like my bedroom makeover so far? 

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