Wednesday 24 January 2018

Three New Bases

Even as someone who has a handful of foundations that I adore, I will always be on the never-ending quest of finding the perfect foundation. Unfortunately my skin has been much drier than usual, so I've found that lately I've really been putting my makeup to the test and although I'm sure that it'll return to it's 'dry, but not dry like the sahara' state, I wanted to share my three new bases and my thoughts. 

First up is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, a base product I've been meaning to try for years now but have never got around to doing so. When I first swatched this on the back of my hand in the shop, I just thought it'd be lovely for everyday wear, but I was unsure about the runny texture and formula that I've never tried before. When I got it home, I struggled for days to work how to apply it, as my go-to- the beauty blender- just wasn't cutting it. I got so frustrated that I even contemplated giving it to someone else, but I persevered with it. One morning, I decided to apply it using my fingers and that's where everything changed. It looked luminous, applied evenly and no longer looked as if it just clung to all dry patches! 

Another foundation I've been applying with my fingers is the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder, and as someone who never got on with applying base products without a beauty blender because it'd turn into a streaky, patchy mess, finding two foundations in such a short amount of time was amazing. They're both super easy to apply, but the Charlotte Tilbury offering is much thicker in texture and gives more of a luminous, light to medium finish, whereas the Bobbi Brown pick is lightweight, but offers more of a buildable coverage. 

Last up is The Ordinary Serum Foundation*, a product I've been interested in trying for some time now and was super pleased when a few arrived at my door. I was a little confused about their colour matching, but I settled on the shade 1.0N pretty quickly. It's got a similar formula to the Bobbi Brown one as it's more runny, but this one works well with my sponge applicator more than the other two. Despite my skin looking and feeling rubbish due to dehydration, this blends perfectly into the skin, only needing extra buffing around my nose and chin area if it starts to gather. 

What foundations have you been wearing lately? 

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links. 

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