Friday 5 January 2018

New In: Makeup Additions

With generous PR's, Christmas and then a sudden Charlotte Tilbury splurge, I have added quite a few pieces to my makeup bag recently. I've been trying them out, so I wanted to share my first impressions of them as well as what I've been loving wearing them with. 

I picked up the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation as I wanted another base option, but I ended up getting the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder offering too. Luckily for me they're quite different, but I already have my first impressions of them both. The Bobbi Brown pick is on the watery side, and when first applying it with a beauty blender, I really didn't get on with it, but once I switched to blending with my fingers it looked a dream on my skin! It's super natural, lightweight and skin-like, so I feel like this will be perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons. The Charlotte Tilbury foundation surprised me as I didn't think it'd be one that I'd be lusting after, but the way it blurs and adds radiance to my skin is just beautiful. It's not got a huge amount of coverage, but more than enough to help even out my skin tone and disguise my redness. 

For blusher, I have been loving this look with a Glossier Cloud Paint because it blends seamlessly into the cheeks, adding a dose of colour and looking super natural too. The Bobbi Brown Powder Pink Pot Rouge is a new addition which looks amazing on the cheeks, but it's on the lips that I've been wearing it a lot recently. It's nothing groundbreaking, but there's something about it that looks fab when worn with a natural base and minimal eye makeup. 

Other lipsticks I've been loving are the Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip*, I chose to keep two shades- Matte Beige and Pastel Petal- as they're both great for everyday wear and the lightweight formula means they're comfortable too. They smell exactly like chocolate orange in my opinion which is definitely a plus. 

Two products I've also been testing out are the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light and Contour Wand duo and I've got to admit I'm smitten. The highlighter adds this gorgeous glow to the skin that isn't chunky glitter, but is a easily blended skin illuminator - Seriously I can't rave about it enough as it's been perking up my post-festive skin like a dream. The contour wand is a great addition to my routine too, as it can be blended with either my Beauty Blender or fingers for chiselled cheekbones while also adding warmth to my complexion. 

Have you tried any of these products before?

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample This post contains affiliate links. 

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