Thursday 11 January 2018

10 Bloggers + 5 Instagrams To Follow Today

There are so many amazing bloggers around and I don't feel like I get to share the love as much as I want to, especially on my blog. Starting now, I want to make this a regular thing on my blog as I love supporting fellow creatives. Here are my current top ten blog reads and five Instagram's you should be following.  


Caked To The Nines | I've been reading Nida's blog for some time now, not only for her dreamy photographs, but for her great content too. She's one of the main reasons why I covet so many amazing looking US beauty products. 

From Roses | There's not a post of Rebecca's that I miss, I absolutely love her range of blog post topics and I trust her 100% too. I really enjoy her lifestyle posts, especially the one's about being a homebody like myself. 

Sharm Toaster | Sharmili's blog is a fairly recent find of mine, but I'm so glad it was recommended to me as it's just what I need - A skincare blog that is full to the brim of information. One again she's got amazing content and photographs that keeps me coming back for more - A definite follow on Instagram is needed also!  

Hannah Hearts | I may be biased because Hannah is a friend of mine, but her blog is pretty fab too. I love that she does in-depth individual reviews as I get to know a little bit more about the product before I buy, but she is one of my main enablers, so my bank balance isn't so keen. 

Makeup Sessions | If you love individual reviews and information of new, upcoming releases then look no further, as Beti's blog is just to die for. Honestly, her imagery is perfection and she makes me lust after everything she features.

Daisy Butter | I seriously cannot wait to meet Michelle as I've been a fan of Daisy Butter for some time. It's a fab little lifestyle blog that has so many amazing posts to get your teeth stuck into for the afternoon. 

Amelia Says This | I'm sure Amelia is sick of me swooning over her by now, but seriously this girl not only cracks me up on Insta stories, she runs a great blog too. Her monochrome style is dreamy and I love the way she writes as it feels like I'm talking to a friend every time I read it. 

Francisca May | I really wish I had photographs half as good as Francisca's because seriously, they're so dreamy. The detail of them mixed with the great lighting and composition just makes them a treat for the eye and her posts are always written in both Portuguese and English too! 

Sartorial Scot | I'm so glad I fell in love with Lynnsay's blog when I did because I've had the pleasure of watching her blog grow so much. Her interior posts are just perfect and if you follow her blog already, I'd definitely recommend a peak at her Instagram too. 

Makeup Savvy | I never miss one of Fee's posts - There I said it. I'm a fan girl and it definitely helps that she's super lovely too. Her blog posts are always in-depth and well put together, making for a thorough and interesting read. 


Sort of Obsessed | The pink hues of Adri's Instagram feed are gorgeous and they're jam packed full of amazing skincare products. I love that in most of her captions she does mini reviews and mentions all of the products featured too - Super helpful when you spot one that catches your eye. 

Cynthialions | Once again, if you love makeup and skincare then look no further as Cindy's Instagram is just amazing. I follow her blog too, but I'm so glad she updates her feed as much as she does because it always keeps me coming back. 

Polly.Florence | Ahh, Polly features so many amazing books and each one of her photographs look immensely cosy - I just want to climb in. It's such an amazing feed to follow and I'm so glad I found her. 

Healthy Food Hug | Be careful not to go on Christie-Anne's food blog if you're hungry because it'll have you running out to the shops to pick up ingredients to make a yummy brunch in no time. I'd really like some pancakes or eggs on toast right about now! 

One Pleasant Day | If my Instagram feed ever changed to more lifestyle based, I'd want it to look as good as Carrie's does. Seriously, she's got it spot on. The wooden tones and cosy feels are just a couple of the reasons why I always like her photographs as soon as they come up.

What blogs and Instagram's have you been loving? 

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