Thursday 25 January 2018

Most Worn Jewellery Pieces

I've got to admit I've got a bit of a love-hate relationship with jewellery, I'll either wear it non-stop for weeks or I won't wear any at all for months. It's not that I don't love the pieces that I've got, it's just that I am rather clumsy, so get them caught on door handles or my hair all the time. Saying this, I have been wearing a fair few pieces of mine at the moment and thought I'd share with you my favourites. 

I got given a pair of Missoma Tiny Orb Hinged Hoops for Christmas and they've all I've been wearing. They're super simple and dainty, but that's what I love about them as they go with pretty much anything and despite having lots of piercings in my ears, they don't look cluttered at all. In my second holes, I've been wearing the ASOS 9mm Hoop Earrings as they look great paired together and they sit snug on my lobes too. 

Topshop is one of my favourite places to pick up gorgeous jewellery pieces at affordable prices. I'm currently eyeing up the Disc and Curve Multirow Necklace as it looks so chic and it'd go with a variety of my outfits. H&M is another place I go when I want to pick up some gems including tassel statement earrings and simple, stackable rings. 

As much as I have great intentions of wearing watches, I rarely do, but I have a dreamy pick that I love, an Olivia Burton Watch that has been in my collection for several years now. I feel like sometimes rose gold watches don't wear well, but mine is still in good condition. 

Rings and bracelets tend to be something I wear once in a while because they usually get in the way which annoys me, but I do have a variety of slim bangles and midi rings that look so pretty when paired with an all black outfit. 

What are your top jewellery picks? 

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