Wednesday 10 January 2018

The Two Glossier Priming Moisturisers

As someone who suffers from dehydrated skin, I would probably label myself as something of a moisturiser connoisseur. I use them both day and night, so I've definitely got my favourites and today, I wanted to share a comparison between two of Glossier's moisturisers, the Priming Moisturiser and Priming Moisturiser Rich

I originally got the Priming Moisturiser back in July and fell in love with it pretty much instantly. I wasn't too sure if it'd be hydrating enough on my parched skin, but once I applied it, it made my skin look 'bouncy', radiant and just perfectly prepped for makeup application too. I then picked up the rich version in November due to a few recommendations, but I was skeptical about the lavender oil ingredient as I've heard it breaks some people out. Luckily this didn't happen to me and instead my skin began to drink it up.

The main difference between the two -aside from their inevitable thickness difference- is that the original makes my skin look plump and radiant, whereas I find the Rich version makes my skin look matte, which isn't what I've heard it does on most people. They both can be used easily underneath makeup (and that's where I use them the most) as they're hydrating; in fact I only really use these underneath my makeup as I need something with a little bit more nourishment for the evening. 

In conclusion, I like them both, but the original Priming Moisturiser just has my heart and is the one I reach for every morning without fail. If I want to layer up, then I always put the rich on too, but it's the OG that I'll be repurchasing when it runs out. 

Have you tried either of these two? 

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