Monday 29 January 2018

5 Beauty Habits I Want To Adopt

I've seen quite a few bloggers do their own 2018 beauty resolutions including Nettle and Blackberry and Beauty By Kelsey, so I thought I would do my own, as it seemed like such a great idea to share the habits I want to adopt this year. 

If I know I Won't Use It, Give It Away | As much as my skin is rather temperamental, so I often like to use a variety of products to banish blemishes and nourish my skin, it's unnecessary to have products that I'm not going to use. If I know a shade of foundation just isn't my match, rather than keeping it I want to give it away to someone who would get use out of it. I've been doing this a lot recently and I find pleasure in making people smile when they receive it. 

Using A Separate SPF | I am the worst person at using a separate SPF underneath my makeup and although we're a long way from the Spring and Summer months, I want to get into the habit now. It's always important to use SPF to protect your skin and although I've relied on foundation and moisturiser to give me my protection, I would like to invest in an invisible offering like the Glossier Invisible Shield.

Find A Good Hair Care Routine | When it comes to hair care, I have my favourite products, but overall as long as it doesn't make my hair unnecessarily greasy or dry, I'm not all the fussed about what shampoo, conditioner or styling products I use. A few of my favourites are running out and I want to repurchase them to get into a proper routine again. 

Get To Know My Skin Better | As I previously mentioned, my skin is rather temperamental and although I've got much better at knowing which products my skin loves for which skin concern I have, I want to get even better at this in 2018. When I have dry patches, I want to reach for the products I know will fix it as soon as I can and when i feel like I'm getting a blemish, I want to try and catch it early. 

Get An LVL Lash Lift | I've been meaning to get an LVL lash lift for some time and I want to treat myself to a few salon treatments in 2018 including a manicure, possibly a pedicure and maybe an eyebrow wax/tint too! I always worry people won't do as good as job as I do (I know!), so this year I want to hand over the task to someone else once or twice. 

What beauty habits would you like to adopt? 

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