Friday 12 January 2018

Natural, Easy To Wear Makeup

Natural, easy to wear makeup is a look I don on a regular basis as it can look glowy, be long lasting and can be worn with great versatility. I've been trialling several new products and reaching for old favourites too, so here are my top picks: 

I've been absolutely smitten with the Farmacy Honey Drop Moisturiser* as it's lightweight enough to wear underneath the makeup and it just makes my lacklustre skin look somewhat alive again. I've been feeling struggling with dry skin lately, so I've been layering up the moisturisers, making sure that they sink in and nourish my complexion too. 

For foundation, I've been trying some new picks including The Ordinary Serum Foundation, I've only used this a few times so far, but the demi-matte finish is definitely something I'm trying to get used to and therefore it's the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder base I've been reaching for more (Although watch this space with The Ordinary offering, as it's super skin like and I'm getting obsessed!). It's applied best with your fingers, which makes for a fast application and it makes my skin look luminous without being dewy - In fact it simply looks like my skin, but better. 

Glossier is just perfect if you love natural, easy to wear makeup and the stretch concealer is great if you get dry under-eye areas like myself. Although I find I do have to set it, it stops highlighting any dry patches around my blemishes or eyes I might have. The Boy Brow is perfect for fluffy brows that stay put and is ideal for when you want to add a little colour too. I have to admit I do go in with another eyebrow product just to fill in any sparse areas. 

The Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge has been my go-to for both my cheeks and when I want something super easy on my lips, which isn't what I expected that I'd love about this product when I first tried it. On the cheeks it gives a perfect subtle colour and on the lips it does the same without being tacky or too dewy. 

Highlighter isn't something my mind usually goes to when I think of natural makeup, but I can't go a day without wearing it and the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Highlighter is the ideal pick for this. It's so hard to describe as it's so beautiful, but it's unlike any highlighter in my collection as it gives a glow rather than an intense streak of shimmer. 

What are your favourite natural makeup picks? 

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links. 

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