Sunday 26 February 2017

Benefits Of Going On A Staycation + Taking Time Out

If you're been reading my blog or catching up with me on Twitter then you'll know that I've recently spent a short period of time in Wales, delving in a book looking out onto the moody, stormy skies and spending my days walking through the woods in the rain. Having some time out really benefited me and staying in the UK meant that it took less effort, I wasn't restricted when it came to baggage size and it was generally less stressful. Today I am sharing with you the benefits that I encountered when going on a staycation and taking a well earned break. 

Feeling Motivated | One of the biggest differences I see when taking a holiday is how motivated I feel when I get back to the screen. Not only do I have more ideas, but I have more of a positive outlook on my blog posts, meaning that I feel like my tone of voice changes. I'm currently in the midst of planning all my Spring content and I've got so many ideas whirling around my brain. 

No Signal = No Problem | Of course one of the benefits of a staycation is that you can get your usual phone signal if needs be, but being in the middle of nowhere in a log cabin meant that I really spent some quality time away from the screen to gather my thoughts and prioritise different things during the day. 

Going For Daily Walks | I want to continue the tradition of reading every morning and going for a walk daily, as I really saw the benefit of how relaxed and ready for the day I felt. From walking along the beach and skimming stones to strolling through the woods being shielded from the rain, I loved every minute I spent outside no matter how drenched we may have got. Getting into the warm and having a steaming hot bath was just another cosy feeling that I loved. 

Having The Time To Read | During my staycation, I rekindled the love for reading and have since set myself the task of reading at least twenty books this year. I loved nothing more than snuggling down with a book in our local cute cafe listening to the pitter patter of raindrops, whilst eating our breakfast before the long day ahead. I would love to hear any of your book recommendations as I'm looking to do a big book order soon. 

Do you feel the benefits of taking time out? 

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