Wednesday 15 February 2017

New Budget Finds

I feel like the high street has really upped it's game recently in terms of makeup and skincare, however it can still be difficult to differentiate between the ones that are and aren't worth the spend. Today I am sharing with you my recent finds.. 

The gem which I'm sure you all have your eye on is the NYX Ombre Mauve Me Blush, a dreamy pick that I have been using non-stop recently. It's adds a lovely matte hue to my cheeks to liven up my Winter lacklustre skin without being too over powering. It lasts a very long time, which is something you don't find very often with high street blushers. For under £10 this is an absolute treat which will make your bank account happier too! 

As a eyeliner enthusiast, I've got to admit that I've tried my fair share of budget eyeliners and have been thoroughly impressed. Saying that, I'm always open to finding new favourites and the L'Oreal Super Slim Liner has been exactly that. The formula is super black and the pen like application means you can create flicks with ease. 

Once I find a concealer I like I tend to stick with it, at least until the new season changes my skin type or I've ran out of my current pick. I accidentally came across the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer when I quickly needed to purchase one to hide my blemishes, but it has completely blown me away. Although the shade isn't quite light enough for me for underneath the eyes as I tend to opt for extremely pale shades, it does the job nicely and covers any imperfections I have on my face quickly and easily. 

I've got a whole post coming up about my love for the Garnier Pure Active Sensitive Range, but I wanted to give a quick mention to the Soothing Moisturiser*, a new favourite of mine and a great addition to my morning skincare routine. It makes my skin feel like velvet and works as a great primer for dehydrated skin. 

I'm sure you would have seen my talking about the L'Oreal Eva's Nude Lipstick, a pretty pink hued lipstick that, just like the Bourjois concealer, I bought on a whim. With a satin finish and an easy to apply formula, this has been a handbag favourite of mine whenever I'm wearing a pink top as they compliment each other perfectly. 

Have you found any gems on the high street recently? 

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