Wednesday 1 February 2017

5 Things I've Added To My February To-Do List

Does anyone else feel like January has dragged and that Christmas seems like it was a lifetime ago? This time of year I usually find myself praying for longer daylight hours and the arrival of little lambs, but this time I've wanted to make the most out of each month without wishing it away. 

Embrace Valentine's Day | I'm not usually one to get excited for Valentine's Day, but this year has been completely different. I'm taking Lush Valentine's Day baths in the evenings and I have been eyeing up a range of pink products to get me in the mood. I've got quite a few Valentine's posts coming up this month, so do keep your eyes peeled. 

Make The Most Of My Holiday | Although we're planning to go abroad this year, I was surprised with a trip to Wales which is happening at the end of this month. We'll probably be doing some activities whilst we are away and I've made it my mission to really make the most of my time away from the screen.  

Treat Myself | My pyjama collection has started to dwindle, so I think it's about time that I started to replace them. I have my eye on this ASOS Valentine's Avocado Set and Classic Stripe Set as they're too cute to resist. This Adidas Blush Pink T-Shirt is currently at the top of my list as it looks like it'll be a great transitional piece once the weather gets warmer and I can start removing some of the layers of clothing.  I've also been absolutely smitten with the new Diptyque Rosa Mundi, a perfect valentine's day addition. 

Incorporate More Fruit and Veg Into My Diet | I actually cook nearly all my meals from scratch, only allowing myself the odd treat of the Amy's Vegan Mac and Cheese every now and again. I've been really enjoying making sweet potato and chickpea burgers in the week and demolishing a plate full of veggies with my roast on a Sunday too. This month I am making it my mission to incorporate even more fruit and veg into my diet as I want to make sure I'm in a good routine ready for the Spring. 

Add More Colour Into My Home | I've really been making the effort to add more colour into my interior, whether it's a bunch of fresh flowers, some agate bookends or a new velvet pink cushion. Although we're still very much in the midst of Winter, I can't help but dream about the warmer Spring days; therefore adding colour is just a natural thing for me to do. 

What are your planning to do this February? 

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