Saturday 11 February 2017

Adding Accessories To Your Home

When it comes to styling a space in my home, adding accessories in the form of throws, ornaments and a range of other pieces is what I enjoy the most. Since moving house I have decided to spruce up each room one by one, adding book shelves, plants and prints as I find them. Today I thought I'd share with you some of my top tips and picks. 

Textures | I'm not sure if it's because this Winter feels like one of the coldest yet, but I've got a very big obsession with all things blankets and throws at the moment. From faux fur offerings to pink pom pom picks, there's a lot out there that will no doubt fit into your interior colour scheme. 

Making The Most Of White Spaces | I'm a sucker for white walls and I do think that leaving spaces blank can work in your favour when it comes to interior styling. Although it can be tempting to fill a space up with all the nicknacks, I prefer to leave some white areas blank, so I can keep switching my homeware up throughout the year. Saying that, I've been loving sprucing up my area with the use of colour either in the form of plants and bookends. 

Plants, Prints and Props | As I previously touched upon, plants are a massive part of my home decor as they not only add colour, but their planters can blend into your homeware easily too. This Gold Half Moon Planter is currently at the top of my list as l think it would look great styled on one of my shelves as the metallic hue suits the white, brass and monochrome theme throughout my house. Ornaments are also a great way to quickly add accessories to your home and although some may have no manual use, they can be a great feature of a room. 

Budget Can Be Best | Don't get me wrong I love splurging on an item or two for my home especially if I know that it will be a long time favourite. Saying this, budget can be much better and not just to make my bank account happier. I've been absolutely smitten with Marks and Spencer at the moment and I have a wishlist as long as my arm including this Dovecote Jug, this Brass Decorative Ornament which would look great on top of a pile of books and this more investment piece for my bedroom, the Finley Chest of Drawers

Have you got any tips for adding accessories to your home? 

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