Thursday 16 February 2017

Refreshing My Blog

If you're reading this post, then you'll probably recognise that there has been a change in my blog design. Last week, on a whim, I was scrolling through Pipdig when I noticed there was a new design that just caught my eye and had me smitten almost instantly. About six months ago I got a new layout from Pipdig as I wanted a refresh, but I wasn't entirely hooked on the design I had, so I made a pact with myself that if I saw a new design that I wanted then I would treat myself to it. 

The slider reminds me of my first ever layout and although I've never really been a fan of them, I think it finishes off the design nicely. It still has a monochrome feel as you can see and I hope it remains easy to navigate around, whilst being a bit more professional. I knew that I wanted a "shop my wardrobe section" as I want to do regular updates on it with the things I've been loving and the items I have been lusting after - Go and have a look now to check out all my ruffles and blush pink picks! 

Now that I've had a refresh I feel a lot more motivated to blog. Although I've got a few breaks planned for the near future I'm excited to get creating again, so I would love to know if you've got any blog post requests that you'd love to see me do.

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