Saturday 4 February 2017

Dreamy Winter Blushers

Although I've already started to dream about the warmer Spring days, I'm still very much embracing the cold, crisp weather that Winter brings. Blusher is something I rely heavily on this time of year to perk up my skin and put the colour back into my cheeks if -like today- I am feeling a bit under the weather. 

A new addition to my collection has been the Milani Hermosa Rose*, a blusher that enables me to skip the bronzer on days when I'm in a rush. It's the perfect brown, coral hue that doesn't look too special when swatched, but on the cheeks it gives your cheekbones great definition without the need of any contouring products. As a blogger, I also appreciate that the embossed roses haven't started to fade yet despite using it multiple times. 

The NYX Mauve Me Ombre Blush was just too dreamy to resist and I'm so glad that I picked it up now as it's one of my most worn Winter blushers already. With a quick swirl round of your brush, you get great colour pay off and it lasts on the skin all day long, something you don't find very often with blushers as they tend to lose their vibrancy. 

As you can tell with this line up, most of my top blushers this season are either brown or mauve hued. The Hourglass Luminous Flush Ambient Lighting Blush is a brighter pick however, sporting a marbled pink shade that helps brighten the face by adding a slight colour to your cheeks.

What blushers are you loving this Winter? 


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