Monday 20 February 2017

4 Books I'm Taking On Holiday

As you probably all know by now, I'm off to a secluded log cabin in Wales soon. Although I'm looking forward to having little signal and no wifi, I've had to plan carefully just how I will keep myself entertained without the use of a screen. I've been stocking up on books over the past couple of weeks and have finally decided which ones I am going to be taking on holiday. 

Game Of Thrones | Although I'm not quite there with committing to the whole Game Of Thrones and its 900 page books, this is my boyfriend's top pick for the holiday so I thought I'd give it a quick mention. If you're a fan of the series then I have no doubt that you'll love delving into the book world also - I know that he has been looking forward to reading it every night! 

We Were On A Break | I feel like it's a tradition to read a new chick-lit book whenever I'm going on holiday. They're not only easy to get through, they are the perfect pick me up and funny read. I can already see myself curled up on the sofa or on the balcony in the morning with an orange juice getting through this very quickly. 

Fantastic Beasts | I must have a thing for buying books after I've seen the film because I've bought quite a few of these at the moment. I've had this on my bookshelf for a while now, but as I'm currently mid way through Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix, I thought I would leave it till I've got time to binge read it. I think my holiday is the perfect time to do so and I no doubt will love it as much as I loved the film. 

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children | After seeing the movie back in September, I knew that this book would make it's way onto my to-read list for 2017. The book is a bit smaller than what I would usually read, so no doubt I will get through this pretty quickly. When I've flicked through it, I can see some of the pages have pictures on too - Which is something different for a quirky, fiction book. 

What books have you been loving lately? 

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