Thursday 25 August 2016

Treating Tired Skin.

During the transitional seasons, where the weather can be hot and humid one minute and cold and windy the next, my skin tends to suffer the most. Not only is the weather playing havoc with my complexion, but stress and lack of sleep have played a part in my skins sudden change in texture and feel. Today I am sharing with you my top tired skincare picks. 

First up is cleanser and I've recently pulled out my Oskia Renaissance Cleanisng Gel again. This cleanser has a thick consistency that turns to an oil and melts into the skin, leaving a soft, nourishing residue. Although I feel like this is the marmite product of skincare, I can't help but love it whenever my skin feels tight, sore or lacklustre as it instantly perks up my complexion with its radiance boosting ingredients and delicious turkish delight scent. 

Whenever you're feeling tired it can be difficult to add yet another step into your skincare routine, but adding a mask in the mix is the perfect way to treat yourself and your skin. The Aesop Primrose Cleansing Mask* is an essential of mine whenever my skin is feeling decongested as this helps to clarify and soothe my complexion. The all-round problem solver is great if you have excess redness or dull, dehydrated skin as this gets my skin back into tip tip condition in less than 15 minutes. 

Next up is the Lush Don't Look At Me offering, a bright blue mask that gently exfoliates promoting smoother, radiant skin. I always reach for Lush fresh face masks whenever my skin is in a crisis, as the natural ingredients work wonders on my dehydrated, troubled skin. Whenever my skin needs a pick me up, Don't Look At Me is the one I reach for.  

Toner is the step in my skincare routine I usually miss out, but it's the step that I find can make the most difference. Getting rid of any remaining makeup and making sure your skin is prepped before moisturising, the La Roche Posay Serozinc* is my go-to toner. The zinc sulphate solution helps to reduce redness, refresh and soothe any little bumps you may have underneath the skin. 

Aside from drinking litres of water a day to treat lacklustre skin, an intense moisturiser is another way to hydrate the skin. The Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream* has a lightweight formula that sinks into the skin in seconds, replenishing the skin and making it glow from inside out. During the transitional season when my skin is looking lacklustre and tired, this helps to make it glow, prepping my skin for makeup application or sleep. 

What are your favourite skincare treats?

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