Wednesday 31 August 2016

Daily Blogging 101

Throughout August I have been daily blogging; delving into different topics to talk about and exploring different ways to photograph. Today, I thought I would give you my thoughts, pros and cons of blogging regularly, hopefully answering the questions a few of you have asked in the process. I am now planning to continue daily blogging throughout September, October and December in order to push my blog into full-time status, so you could say the blogging daily has been a success.

It's Hard Work | There's no denying that daily blogging is hard work; the writing, the photographing and the promotion are only some of the tasks you have to juggle. The upside? It's very rewarding. Although it can be just as easy to overwork yourself, it's very important not to push too hard to get a blog post out - If you miss a post, that's okay! 

Saying that, organisation is key to getting a post out on time. If you're feeling inspired, photograph and write in bulk as this will make the process much easier. Grab yourself a new notepad and a diary, keeping everything in sections and having a clear schedule is a great way to stay motivated. 

Finding Ideas | When I first decided to daily blog my biggest worry was that I wouldn't have enough ideas or that I would end up being quite repetitive with my posts. After a week, I discovered it was the complete opposite - I now have more ideas that I ever have done. I've started to explore more blog post themes as I feel less pressure to make my posts all about beauty, but with daily blogging I still feel like I'm keeping all of my passions alive. 

Do you have to actually daily blog? | Although it's called daily blogging, I don't actually write blog posts every day. I try to avoid blogging on the weekend as I use my working week to fit it all in, however if you work full time then filling Saturday and Sunday full of blogging will help you manage your time effectively especially during shorter daylight hours. 

How Do I Promote My Blog Posts? | Whether you promote on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or all three, promoting your own work is something that some people don't like doing. For me, I promote my blog posts on Twitter at least 6 times a day and I make sure that I pinned the image on my Pinterest too. 

It's Not All About Numbers, But | There's no denying that my numbers have increased since the start of August, in fact I had doubled my page views in a matter of weeks. I'm sure this was down to getting retweeted by a few brands over the course of the month and it won't be a surprise if my page views won't continue to go up, but as some of you asked - Yes, my numbers have risen quite a fair bit. 

Would you consider daily blogging?

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