Monday 15 August 2016

The Hair Styling Dream Team.

In my early teens I always wore my hair as straight as possible; scared that my naturally curly hair would be revealed whenever it was raining or humid. Fast forward six years and not only do I embrace the curly-haired look, I now enhance it using many heated tools too. Over time my hair has become limp and lifeless, but I have now created a two step routine that give me voluminous, perfect curls every time. 

These Toni and Guy Style Fix tools are compact in size, which at first I was a tad skeptical about but after a few used I was sold. If you've got thick, long hair then I'd probably stay away from these, but if you have thinner hair like me or you're looking for a styler for short hair then this is your best bet. Both tools heat up to 220 degrees almost instantly and are perfect for fuss-free hair styling as they get the job done efficiently and quickly. 

The Style Fix Waver* is a game changer for me as it adds volume and hold to my curls like no other. Although it can be used on it's own to create a natural texture and wave to the hair, I prefer using it before I used the Style Fix Curler* over my hair as these two are the hair styling dream team. The curler is hands down one of the best tools I've used on my locks as it creates defined curls that hold all day once spritzed with my hair spray of choice, and it can easily be used to style my hair in half the time it usually takes. The barrel is big enough to create tousled curls that look natural and the clip on the barrel allows you to grip the hair in place whilst you style. If you're not used to hair tongs and you're not sure how long you should heat each piece of hair, I would opt for around 5 seconds to avoid any excess damage to your locks as these could easily frazzle the ends of your hair if you're not careful. 

If you're looking for easy to travel with stylers or just looking to update your hair tools, then I would recommend giving these a shot. 

What are your favourite hair hot stylers? 



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