Sunday 7 August 2016

Picking The Right Book For You

Up until recently I hadn't picked a book up for years, just a handful through my English GCSE. Over the course of July this all changed and I made a Waterstones trip, as well as several Amazon orders, in a matter of days. Since rekindling my inner bookworm I have come across several books that I was instantly drawn to for my first reads to get back into the swing of things. Here are a few factors to consider when picking the right book for you.

Genre | From the get-go I knew I wanted my first book to be humour - It was a genre that had always got me hooked before. Saying this, sub-genres are important too, I wouldn't want a book filled with humour without having any storyline or substance to it. So I picked my first book; Marian Keyes - Rachel's Holiday, which is about a 27 year old woman who finds herself in a treatment centre for drug addition. Although the book is lighthearted, there are some serious, page turning moments that had me gripped for hours. Whether it be a mystery or a fantasy like The Night Circus, it is good to use your knowledge of what TV shows or films you like to gauge what genre of books you will most engage with. 

How Many Pages? | Okay, my first book to delve into was a 650 page book - Probably not the best to ease myself back in with. Personally I would recommend looking at a book around the 400 mark, long enough to really get into the story, but short enough to make sure you don't become uninterested. 

Do You Know The Author? | I've ordered loads of books from authors I've never heard of, thus meaning I don't know their style of writing or whether I will like it. Popping into your local book shop and scanning a couple of the pages can help you get an overall feel for the authors writing and whether you can connect with it. Another alternative is Amazon's "look inside" option, whereby you can read the first few pages of the book in the comfort of your own home before clicking buy. 

What books do you recommend?

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