Wednesday 17 August 2016

Lush Pamper Picks

When it comes to pampering and taking time out for yourself, I like nothing better than to indulge in a Lush bath and slather on a range of products. Before the new Halloween and Christmas collections come in to store I thought I would stock up on my favourite pampering picks, so today I am sharing with you the products I continue to repurchase. 

Bubble baths are my favourite way to pamper myself; filling the bath up with scented bubbles which I can get lost in with a book. If you need a pick-me-up then there's nothing better than the Rose Bubbleroona rose scented bubble bar that can be used multiple times to create a soft, nourishing pink bath. If you're looking for a more relaxing option, then  A French Kiss is perfect as the lavender and rosemary scents help you to de-stress in an instant. 

The Comforter is an investment piece from Lush, as although it's priced just under £5, it can create as many as 8 baths if you crumble in little pieces at a time. This blackcurrant offering creates thick, pink bubbles which have an uplifting and lingering scent on the skin. 

A pampering routine wouldn't be complete with a face mask and the Don't Look At Me offering is my face mask of choice. With a vivid blue colour and exfoliating texture, this mask brightens and cleanses the skin without compromising on softness. 

I've not had many good experiences with Lush's massage bars, but the rose scent of Pearl is something I can't resist. Once in contact with the skin it starts to melt, releasing the Argan and rose oil which soothes and nourishes the body. The sago bubbles in this bar help to massage the skin and boost circulation. If I'd rather go for an in-shower moisturiser then I opt for the Ro's Argan Conditionera nourishing treat for dehydrated and parched skin that can easily be used in conjunction with another moisturiser or on its own for a quick shower fix. 

I've got to admit, aside from the hand cream I apply, I tend to neglect my hands and feet for months at a time. The Lemon Fluttery cuticle butter has changed all of that and I now  consciously take some time on pamper nights to treat my dehydrated hands. Enriched with cleansing lemon juice and nourishing mango butter, this offering is extremely hydrating as once applied, the butter starts to turn in to a lightweight oil as it warms up. I've started to use this on not only cuticles, but on any dry patches I have around the body.  

What are your Lush pamper picks?

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