Tuesday 2 August 2016

Multimasking 101

As I have combination skin, I have been multimasking for years; long before it had it's own Instagram trend or hashtag. I have fairly sensitive skin that reacts differently to different products, to overcome this I use multimasking, which is essentially applying various masks to specific areas in order to treat different skin problems. My t-zone is oily, thus I need a shine-combating face mask, whilst my cheeks are prone to dry patches or enlarge pores. Today I am sharing with you three face masks which I use in sync to create healthy, clear skin. 

First up is the Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque*, a clarifying mask that both rejuvenates the skin and draws out imperfections. I like to apply this to my chin, nose and middle of my forehead to cleanse and soothe any aggravated blemishes I might have in these oilier places. 

Next is the REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask, a mask I've had stored away in a handful of samples for a few months now. This offering combats enlarged pores like no other, without making the skin feel at all tight or lacklustre. Although you could get away with using this all over your face, I like to savour every ounce by only using it on my cheeks or any place I feel my pores are enlarged. 

Lastly is the Avene TolĂ©rance Extreme Mask* with DEFI packaging which keeps the product fresh and free from any contamination; this is handy, but I have to admit it does make it hard to dispense the right amount. Anyway, the mask injects a bucket of moisture ready for your skin to drink up. This seriously packs a punch when it comes to dehydrated skin and I have been using it religiously on my forehead and lower parts of my cheeks where I get the most dry patches. 

Have you tried multimasking?


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