Wednesday 10 August 2016

6 Things To Do On A Budget

During the Summer I find that it can be easy to overspend as I often want to go out and make the most of the warmer weather. Here is a little guide of six things to do to entertain yourself when you're on a budget. 

Visit A Lavender Field | With a quick Google you'll be able to find your local lavender field and, despite the small fee to get in, you can often collect as much lavender as you like and photograph to your hearts content. If lavender isn't your thing, then try looking out for sunflower fields as they will be out until September now. 

Go Pokemon Hunting | Once you've downloaded the app you'll soon realise how easy it is to get hooked. Lately, I've been walking around trying to increase the number of steps i do in a day. If you've got an afternoon free, go out explore your local town, whilst catching all the Jigglypuff's or Oddish's. Trying to hatch a 10km egg whilst on a walk is the perfect way to de-stress whilst even getting new ideas for your blog! 

Head To Your Local Farmers Market, Food Festival or Fete | This is one of my favourite things to do on a weekend when I want to pass the time. You can often sample food or have a look around at stalls - Perfect if the sun is shining. 

Build A Fort | On a rainy Summers day there's nothing I love more than snuggling under a pile of blankets whilst I binge watch a TV series or my favourite film. If you really want to bring out your inner child, building a fort with all of your spare bed sheets, pillows and cushions can really lift the mood of a dull day. 

Pack A Picnic | You don't need to spend a lot to have a picnic, just raid your cupboards for any snacks, bring whatever you were going to have for lunch outside or even look for any ingredients to whip up a few cupcakes.

Reading | Although books can be expensive if you like to go on a spending spree in your local Waterstones like myself, picking up one or two as a treat every now and again is a great way to entertain yourself for days. I like to immerse myself in a book whilst on a spending ban to pass the time. If I don't want to purchase a new one, I can always raid my book shelf for that book I've been meaning to read. 

What things do you do on a budget? 


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