Wednesday, 17 January 2018

35 Blog Post Ideas For When You're Feeling Uninspired

For me, I find it a bit of a struggle to get motivated when it comes to my blog at this time of year due to the post-Christmas lull. The poor lighting, the darker days and just feeling like I've used up all my ideas, have caused me to take a few days off here and there. The Winter time is always a struggle, so I've decided to serve you some of my favourite blog post ideas for January:

- Winter Skincare Routine 
- Valentine's Day Wishlist 
- Cold Weather Essentials 
- Netflix Favourites 
- A Warming Winter Recipe
- Monthly Goals 
- Beating The Post-Christmas Blues
- Top Winter Beauty Picks 
- A Cosy Pamper Routine
- Favourite Activities For A Homebody
- Dry Skin Saviours 
- An ASOS Wardrobe Wishlist 
- A Winter Makeup Switch Up
- Collective Haul 
- Homeware Tour 
- Favourite Bloggers To Follow 
- Most Used High Street Products 
- New In: Beauty 
- 5 Books To Read On A Sunday 
- How To Unwind On Your Day Off 
- A Skin Detox 
- My Go-To Perfumes 
- Cosy Candles To Light This Winter
- Everyday Jewellery Favourites
- Five Instagrams To Follow
- A New Product I'm Trying 
- Products That Didn't Work For You
- Foundations Worth The Hype
- Best Places To Buy PJ's 
- A City/Town Tour
- 5 Things I'd Tell My Past Self 
- Everyday Winter Makeup
- Old Favourites You've Started Using Again
- A 2018 To-Do List
- 10 Things To Do This Winter 

Do you struggle with blog post ideas in the Winter? 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Thoughts On Making Friends In Your 20's

I've been talking about making this post for the longest time now, and after a few polls on Instagram I realised that I wasn't alone in feeling like it's so much harder to make friends when you're in your 20's and over. One of my New Year resolutions was to make more of a conscious effort to make friends, and although I am starting slowly, I am trying. Today, I wanted to share with you a few thoughts, feelings and ways I'm going to try to make friends this year: 

Start Afresh | I've got to admit, I took 0 friends from school and sixth form, as we either grew apart before the end or any lasting bit of friendship fizzled out when I moved away. I think it's taken me a while to start making new friends again due to bad experiences, and now I'm older I'd hope to think the 'secondary school' behaviour is left in the past. I'm giving myself a clean slate and I want to be less harsh on myself. If a friendship blossoms then of course I'll be delighted, but if nothing happens, then I don't want to take it as personally as I have been. 

A Few Thoughts | Through the use of my Instagram polls, I found out that although people would like more friends (92% said yes to wanting more) and found it hard making them when they're in their 20's, they don't often make a conscious effort to make them themselves, in fact only 43% said they'd make the effort which is pretty split in the middle, considering how many people said it's hard to make friends. As someone who works predominately at home rather than a formal setting, I don't tend to get the opportunity to make as many friends or have a joke about as one might when you're thrown together in work. Saying this, I think it's hard for anybody and it's certainly not about the quantity, but the quality. 

I think finding common ground definitely helps; whether that's blogging, hobbies or just general chit-chat with somebody you think has a similar sense of humour, or even that you've got a good feeling about. My anxiety definitely plays a part in how well I've been able to make friends; I worry about everything from wearing the wrong shoes to even discussing having anxious feelings. It's hard, but I want to try and get through as much of that as possible in 2018. 

The Fears | My main fears when making friends is rejection, feeling like they have too many 'cool' friends already and worrying they'll think I'm annoying (emphasis on the latter). With 90% of you agreeing with me, I can safely say I'm not the only one feeling this way. In fact, I was surprised to find out that so many people feel that way, as I assumed that I was the only one that had these worries and I actually feel comforted that the majority of people have similar feelings. 

What I'm Doing About It | For a while, I've clocked a few people who I think "yeah I'd be friends with you" and this year I want to do something about it. Although you're never going to click with everybody, I do want to make more of an effort. I think my problem is I start off strong, but soon worry that I'm annoying somebody by talking to them and I let it fizzle out. Although it's important to have a friendship where both parities give and take, I want to make that extra effort just in case the other person is just as shy and worried as I am. Message them first, text them to go out for a drink or even just check in with them a few times a week to ask them how they are.

What are your thoughts on making friends in your 20's? 

Friday, 12 January 2018

Natural, Easy To Wear Makeup

Natural, easy to wear makeup is a look I don on a regular basis as it can look glowy, be long lasting and can be worn with great versatility. I've been trialling several new products and reaching for old favourites too, so here are my top picks: 

I've been absolutely smitten with the Farmacy Honey Drop Moisturiser* as it's lightweight enough to wear underneath the makeup and it just makes my lacklustre skin look somewhat alive again. I've been feeling struggling with dry skin lately, so I've been layering up the moisturisers, making sure that they sink in and nourish my complexion too. 

For foundation, I've been trying some new picks including The Ordinary Serum Foundation, I've only used this a few times so far, but the demi-matte finish is definitely something I'm trying to get used to and therefore it's the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder base I've been reaching for more (Although watch this space with The Ordinary offering, as it's super skin like and I'm getting obsessed!). It's applied best with your fingers, which makes for a fast application and it makes my skin look luminous without being dewy - In fact it simply looks like my skin, but better. 

Glossier is just perfect if you love natural, easy to wear makeup and the stretch concealer is great if you get dry under-eye areas like myself. Although I find I do have to set it, it stops highlighting any dry patches around my blemishes or eyes I might have. The Boy Brow is perfect for fluffy brows that stay put and is ideal for when you want to add a little colour too. I have to admit I do go in with another eyebrow product just to fill in any sparse areas. 

The Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge has been my go-to for both my cheeks and when I want something super easy on my lips, which isn't what I expected that I'd love about this product when I first tried it. On the cheeks it gives a perfect subtle colour and on the lips it does the same without being tacky or too dewy. 

Highlighter isn't something my mind usually goes to when I think of natural makeup, but I can't go a day without wearing it and the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Highlighter is the ideal pick for this. It's so hard to describe as it's so beautiful, but it's unlike any highlighter in my collection as it gives a glow rather than an intense streak of shimmer. 

What are your favourite natural makeup picks? 

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links. 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

10 Bloggers + 5 Instagrams To Follow Today

There are so many amazing bloggers around and I don't feel like I get to share the love as much as I want to, especially on my blog. Starting now, I want to make this a regular thing on my blog as I love supporting fellow creatives. Here are my current top ten blog reads and five Instagram's you should be following.  


Caked To The Nines | I've been reading Nida's blog for some time now, not only for her dreamy photographs, but for her great content too. She's one of the main reasons why I covet so many amazing looking US beauty products. 

From Roses | There's not a post of Rebecca's that I miss, I absolutely love her range of blog post topics and I trust her 100% too. I really enjoy her lifestyle posts, especially the one's about being a homebody like myself. 

Sharm Toaster | Sharmili's blog is a fairly recent find of mine, but I'm so glad it was recommended to me as it's just what I need - A skincare blog that is full to the brim of information. One again she's got amazing content and photographs that keeps me coming back for more - A definite follow on Instagram is needed also!  

Hannah Hearts | I may be biased because Hannah is a friend of mine, but her blog is pretty fab too. I love that she does in-depth individual reviews as I get to know a little bit more about the product before I buy, but she is one of my main enablers, so my bank balance isn't so keen. 

Makeup Sessions | If you love individual reviews and information of new, upcoming releases then look no further, as Beti's blog is just to die for. Honestly, her imagery is perfection and she makes me lust after everything she features.

Daisy Butter | I seriously cannot wait to meet Michelle as I've been a fan of Daisy Butter for some time. It's a fab little lifestyle blog that has so many amazing posts to get your teeth stuck into for the afternoon. 

Amelia Says This | I'm sure Amelia is sick of me swooning over her by now, but seriously this girl not only cracks me up on Insta stories, she runs a great blog too. Her monochrome style is dreamy and I love the way she writes as it feels like I'm talking to a friend every time I read it. 

Francisca May | I really wish I had photographs half as good as Francisca's because seriously, they're so dreamy. The detail of them mixed with the great lighting and composition just makes them a treat for the eye and her posts are always written in both Portuguese and English too! 

Sartorial Scot | I'm so glad I fell in love with Lynnsay's blog when I did because I've had the pleasure of watching her blog grow so much. Her interior posts are just perfect and if you follow her blog already, I'd definitely recommend a peak at her Instagram too. 

Makeup Savvy | I never miss one of Fee's posts - There I said it. I'm a fan girl and it definitely helps that she's super lovely too. Her blog posts are always in-depth and well put together, making for a thorough and interesting read. 


Sort of Obsessed | The pink hues of Adri's Instagram feed are gorgeous and they're jam packed full of amazing skincare products. I love that in most of her captions she does mini reviews and mentions all of the products featured too - Super helpful when you spot one that catches your eye. 

Cynthialions | Once again, if you love makeup and skincare then look no further as Cindy's Instagram is just amazing. I follow her blog too, but I'm so glad she updates her feed as much as she does because it always keeps me coming back. 

Polly.Florence | Ahh, Polly features so many amazing books and each one of her photographs look immensely cosy - I just want to climb in. It's such an amazing feed to follow and I'm so glad I found her. 

Healthy Food Hug | Be careful not to go on Christie-Anne's food blog if you're hungry because it'll have you running out to the shops to pick up ingredients to make a yummy brunch in no time. I'd really like some pancakes or eggs on toast right about now! 

One Pleasant Day | If my Instagram feed ever changed to more lifestyle based, I'd want it to look as good as Carrie's does. Seriously, she's got it spot on. The wooden tones and cosy feels are just a couple of the reasons why I always like her photographs as soon as they come up.

What blogs and Instagram's have you been loving? 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Two Glossier Priming Moisturisers

As someone who suffers from dehydrated skin, I would probably label myself as something of a moisturiser connoisseur. I use them both day and night, so I've definitely got my favourites and today, I wanted to share a comparison between two of Glossier's moisturisers, the Priming Moisturiser and Priming Moisturiser Rich

I originally got the Priming Moisturiser back in July and fell in love with it pretty much instantly. I wasn't too sure if it'd be hydrating enough on my parched skin, but once I applied it, it made my skin look 'bouncy', radiant and just perfectly prepped for makeup application too. I then picked up the rich version in November due to a few recommendations, but I was skeptical about the lavender oil ingredient as I've heard it breaks some people out. Luckily this didn't happen to me and instead my skin began to drink it up.

The main difference between the two -aside from their inevitable thickness difference- is that the original makes my skin look plump and radiant, whereas I find the Rich version makes my skin look matte, which isn't what I've heard it does on most people. They both can be used easily underneath makeup (and that's where I use them the most) as they're hydrating; in fact I only really use these underneath my makeup as I need something with a little bit more nourishment for the evening. 

In conclusion, I like them both, but the original Priming Moisturiser just has my heart and is the one I reach for every morning without fail. If I want to layer up, then I always put the rich on too, but it's the OG that I'll be repurchasing when it runs out. 

Have you tried either of these two? 

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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The Charlotte Tilbury Contour and Highlight Wand Duo

I've been lusting after both the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Contour and Highlighter Wand duo for some time now and to my surprise, Tom decided to treat me to a few bits from them whilst we were out. I have been wearing them daily, so I thought it was about time that I shared my thoughts on them with you all. 

The contour wand was the one I was most interested in after the success of the Fenty Beauty Amber Match Stix, and I'm so glad to report back that it is amazing. It's easy to blend and, unlike other cream products which run the risk of slipping and sliding on the skin, once set this stays put. I simply sweep this in to the hollows of my cheekbones and across my temples, so it gives my complexion an overall warmth and lightly sculpts too. If you like natural makeup then this will be perfect for you. 

To pair with the contour, I got the Beauty Light Highlighter, and I'm not joking when I say this has quickly become my favourite liquid illuminator, if not my top highlighter pick ever! It's dewy, gives off an ethereal glow and perks up my complexion instantly. It's hard to describe and no photograph will ever be able to do it justice, only a swatch will do. I apply this on the tops of my cheekbones, on my brow bone and down the centre of my nose for an overall radiance, but if I want to ensure it stays put I do have to add a little powder even if it's a translucent offering. Saying that, it still lasts a good amount of time on it's own, especially if you have dry skin like myself. 

Have you tried this Charlotte Tilbury duo? 

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Winter Skin Saviours

Although I always anticipate having dehydrated skin in the Winter season, the way my complexion is feeling and looking at the moment is probably the worst it's been. It's not just my face, but my whole body, from head to toe, feels dehydrated and chapped from the various Winter elements, so I wanted to share some of my hydration favourites. 

I tend to neglect my body all year around, despite my love for having lotions and potions around the house, but I've still got my favourites that I reach for often. The Glossier Body Hero Oil Wash is a must of mine as it helps with my dry skin without getting it irritated, plus it lightly scents my skin beautifully. For an extra boost of hydration outside the shower, I like to slather on Lush Sleepy, as the lavender scent helps me drift off quicker and the array of moisturising ingredients keeps my skin looking in tip-top condition. 

For my nails and hands, I like to treat them using the Lush Lemony Flutter as it can be massaged into the cuticles or any intensely dry patches. To finish, I apply the Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm* as it smells delicious and makes my hands super soft. 

Masks are one of my favourite ways to inject some hydration into my skin and there's so many on my list that I reach for. I'm very glad to have the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask back in my skincare routine as it's a long-time favourite of mine. The Glow Recipe Watermelon pick is another one I really rate too.  

Before applying my moisturiser, I like to go in with the Pixi Skin Caviar Essence* as it gives a lovely feeling to my skin and makes it feel softer, look smoother and appear more radiant too - A triple whammy! 

For my face, I've been using various moisturisers depending on the level of dehydration I have. The Farmacy Honey Drop* offering is great for underneath makeup as it's lightweight, but still delivers enough hydration. The Fresh Rose Moisturiser* and Glossier PMR pick are two of my favourites for the evening. They are thicker in texture, meaning they're great for overnight treatments which makes my lacklustre complexion look radiant and hydrated. Not that I need anymore moisturisers in this line up, but the The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors* is one of my favourite budget options as it's simple, yet effective. 

What are your favourite Winter picks?  

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Saturday, 6 January 2018

A Dreamy Floral Fragrance

Giorgio Armani Si Perfume Review
I can't tell you how long I've been meaning to treat myself to the Giorgio Armani Si Perfume, but if you've read any of my previous posts then you'll know that I often leave it years before taking the plunge. I was lucky enough to receive Si as a gift over Christmas, so I was thrilled to finally add it to my collection. 

This floral scent had me smitten from the get go because, although it has strong rose notes to it, the musky vanilla undertones makes for a more sophisticated wear.  It can easily be worn everyday because it combines fantastic longevity with not being too overpowering. With a few spritzes, I can still smell it on me as the day ends (plus if it makes its way onto my clothing, it can linger for a few days afterwards too!). 

I have the hefty 100ml bottle- which I'm certainly not complaining about- but I've barely made a dent despite using this quite liberally over the past couple of weeks. I feel like I'm going to get the most wear out of this over the Spring season as it's light, yet deliciously floral at the same time. 

This fits great with the other perfumes in my collection as although it's quite a typical scent of mine to wear, it's still different as it can easily be transitioned from day to night, from Winter to Summer. 

Have you tried Giorgio Armani Si? 

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Friday, 5 January 2018

New In: Makeup Additions

With generous PR's, Christmas and then a sudden Charlotte Tilbury splurge, I have added quite a few pieces to my makeup bag recently. I've been trying them out, so I wanted to share my first impressions of them as well as what I've been loving wearing them with. 

I picked up the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation as I wanted another base option, but I ended up getting the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder offering too. Luckily for me they're quite different, but I already have my first impressions of them both. The Bobbi Brown pick is on the watery side, and when first applying it with a beauty blender, I really didn't get on with it, but once I switched to blending with my fingers it looked a dream on my skin! It's super natural, lightweight and skin-like, so I feel like this will be perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons. The Charlotte Tilbury foundation surprised me as I didn't think it'd be one that I'd be lusting after, but the way it blurs and adds radiance to my skin is just beautiful. It's not got a huge amount of coverage, but more than enough to help even out my skin tone and disguise my redness. 

For blusher, I have been loving this look with a Glossier Cloud Paint because it blends seamlessly into the cheeks, adding a dose of colour and looking super natural too. The Bobbi Brown Powder Pink Pot Rouge is a new addition which looks amazing on the cheeks, but it's on the lips that I've been wearing it a lot recently. It's nothing groundbreaking, but there's something about it that looks fab when worn with a natural base and minimal eye makeup. 

Other lipsticks I've been loving are the Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip*, I chose to keep two shades- Matte Beige and Pastel Petal- as they're both great for everyday wear and the lightweight formula means they're comfortable too. They smell exactly like chocolate orange in my opinion which is definitely a plus. 

Two products I've also been testing out are the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light and Contour Wand duo and I've got to admit I'm smitten. The highlighter adds this gorgeous glow to the skin that isn't chunky glitter, but is a easily blended skin illuminator - Seriously I can't rave about it enough as it's been perking up my post-festive skin like a dream. The contour wand is a great addition to my routine too, as it can be blended with either my Beauty Blender or fingers for chiselled cheekbones while also adding warmth to my complexion. 

Have you tried any of these products before?

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

New Year Self Care + Netflix Recommendations

One of my many goals for 2018 was to take more time out for myself and indulge in self-care activities more often. I wanted to share my self-care routine for the New Year and my recommendations for Netflix, so I thought I'd put the two together in one.

A Clean Space | There's nothing quite like a clean space after Christmas- free of any wrapping paper, left over packaging and no Christmas tree in sight. Although I love the festivities, I feel so much better putting away the decorations once they're over and I feel like I can not only relax, but be much more productive too.

Unplug + Unwind | Although the Christmas break offered me some time off that I don't usually take, I still feel like it's important to take time off during January and the months that follow without feeling guilty. I actually want to take some more moments away just for myself; having a bath, pamper and relax. 

Sleep Better | I've been really struggling with my sleep lately, I think it's due to the stress excitement of Christmas and then not being able to settle due to the sudden storm outside. I've been spritzing my pillow with the This Works Deep Sleep Spray and slathering myself up with the Lush Sleepy Body Lotion to help settle me more at night and so far it's slowly getting better again. 

Cook Yourself Something Tasty | I'm currently making my way through my Christmas chocolate, but it's actually meals that I'm more excited to devour. Sweet potato and chickpea burgers, vegetarian toad in the whole (yum!) and Wagamama's replicas. 

Netflix Recommendations | One of my favourite ways to unwind is by either reading a book (I'm currently reading My Not So Perfect Life) or by switching on Netflix. I've taken to putting on a pair of clean PJ's, pulling out a bundle of blankets and gathering my snacks to sit down to watch a new series. Here are my favourites: 

- Mindhunter 
- The Sinner 
- Marcella
- Santa Clarita Diet
- Black Mirror (The new series is out now!) 
- The Returned
- What Happened To Monday
- Gilmore Girls 

How do you practice self-care? 

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

A January Skin Detox

I think it's safe to say that my skin hasn't fared well with the consumption of all the cheese, yorkshire puddings and chocolate pudding I consumed over the Christmas period. Although of course I don't regret one bit of it, my skin is feeling a little bit worse for wear; looking dry all over, peaky in places and I have the odd blemish too. Here are the products I'm relying on to help me detox my skin this January: 

I recently picked up a new cleanser as I was running dangerously low on my others. I decided to try out the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Milk as I've heard some great stuff about it, and so far it's done the job of removing my makeup amazingly. It doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped either, but gives it a bit of a hydrating boost. This is fab when paired with the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser too. 

Toners have been something I've gotten into a lot more recently and I actually feel like they do quite a lot for my parched skin. The Pixi Rose Essence* and Fresh Rose Toner are two of my favourites, as they give a feeling of injecting moisture into the skin, perking it up and making my complexion look healthy again. For when I need to get rid of any under the skin spots or blemishes, I like to bring out the Pixi Glow Tonic*, a long time favourite of mine that sorts out all my dull skin woes. 

I use toners just before my moisturiser; recently I have been using the Farmacy Honey Drop* offering in the morning and a thicker one in the form of the Fresh Rose Moisturiser* at night. If I need an extra layer, I mix in an oil with my moisturiser and the Aesop Fabulous Face Oil* is the perfect pick for this; it feels like a treat to apply because it helps with multiple skin problems including dullness, blemishes and hydration. 

With the lack of sleep over Christmas, I'm relying heavily on eye treatments to help perk up my peepers and The Ordinary's Caffeine Solution is amazing when you're trying to wake yourself up in the morning. It sits great underneath makeup, is cool when applied and just makes my under eyes more hydrated. 

Masks are an essential of mine when I need to give my skin some extra TLC. I find that when my skin is seriously in need then I love to go in with a clarifying offering, then a hydrating favourite afterwards. The Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is my top blemish buster as it doesn't make my skin feel sensitive after use, but it thoroughly cleans instead. I then follow it up with either the corresponding Glossier Moon Mask or the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask; one pick that I'm very happy to have back in my collection! It's fruity scented, incredibly nourishing and makes my skin look bouncy in just 20 minutes. 

I finish off my skincare routine with a quick slick of Glossier Balm Dot Com to keep my chapped lips feeling nourished, as I usually suffer with them at this time of the year when it's cold and windy outside. 

Are you switching up your skincare in any way this January? 

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Goals For 2018

Happy New Year! I know this post is up a little later than expected, but it's better late than never, right? I feel like 2017 whizzed by and I've just been thrown into January, but I'm making the most of the fresh start to set some new goals and get working on them. From blogging targets to a long-term to-do list, here are my 2018 goals. 

Make More Friends | I know this isn't one you can necessarily control, but I want to make more effort with the friends I already have and I would like to make new ones too! I overthink and get very nervous about talking to someone I haven't spoken to before, but I want to try and get over that this year as much as I can. I think it's easy to feel lonely whatever age, so a friend is always welcomed. 

Reach 10k On Two Platforms | I wasn't going to put a number goal down because it seems a tad superficial (and unlikely), but I'm going to say it anyway. I'd love to reach 10k on two platforms because I feel like these would be huge milestones for myself and my blog. 

Get Out More | As someone who works from home, I can get a serious case of cabin fever if I don't get out and although I'm a huge homebody, I would love to make more of an effort to get out the house more often. Whether that's on my bike an extra day a week or to go out for drinks, I'd like to try and make the most of the next 12 months. I'd also love to travel to more places this year, maybe even on another city break and to the countryside too. 

Try More Food | As a notorious fussy eater, I'm quite known for turning down new foods, but in 2017 that all changed and becoming vegetarian really helped me to try more foods. Olives, blue cheese and chickpea curry's were all on the menu and I want to continue my sudden urge to try new cuisines in the new year too. 

Anti-Save | This is probably the last thing you'd expect to see on a to-do list, but I want to spend less time saving for things that 'might' happen and spend it more on myself. This doesn't have to just be materialistic possessions, but on more weekends away, experiences and travelling. 

What would you like to achieve in 2018? 
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