Sunday 9 February 2020

A Cosy Sunday Evening Routine

Cosy Sunday Evening Routine
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In the Autumn and the lead up to Christmas, cosy evenings are one of my favourite activities especially when they consist of films, snacks, blankets and candles. That being said come January and the festivities have worn off, I can start feeling impatient with wanting Spring and the warmer weather to hurry up. I'm trying to avoid that feeling this year by embracing the colder weather, taking a little bit more time out for myself and sprucing up my Sunday's and cosy evenings in. 

As I work from home Monday to Friday, by the weekend I tend to get a bit of 'cabin fever' and I want some fresh air. Saturday morning's tend to be filled with shooting content for Instagram, but the rest of the day and then Sunday I get to do what I please. I know that if I don't get out in the sunshine and instead relax inside throughout the day, I struggle to not only switch off and sleep at night, but I find it hard to enjoy my evening too.  My favourite activities to do to keep myself active is getting on my bike, completing a workout routine at home or going for a long walk. All of these I try and squeeze into my weekend if I can, but my favourite is going out for a bike ride then stretching with a bit of yoga before a steaming hot bath. 

Talking of baths, a pamper is a must on a Sunday. I love nothing more than washing my hair ready for the week ahead, scrubbing off any dry patches or fake tan I have left on and moisturising my body from head to toe. Candles are always a must and I've still been listening to my favourite rainy Sunday playlist that I featured in Autumn's cosy routine blog post. It's over on my spotify 'Pintsizedbeauty' if you fancy a listen - I'd highly recommend it! 
Cosy Sunday Evening Routine
I've been enjoying listening to podcasts when I'm doing my full skincare routine and reapplying my fake tan post-bath, but nothing beats devouring a Netflix series in a weekend or re-watching a favourite film. Talking of skincare, I've now got a set routine that I've been enjoying and it's kept my dry skin at bay. The Soap and Glory Ulti-Melt* has been great at removing my makeup, but it's really my Drunk Elephant F-Balm Waterfacial* that has been saving the day as it's super moisturising and makes my skin look great. 

If I don't want to watch something, I've been trying to make the effort of reading more. I like to settle down with a peppermint tea and some snacks, so I don't have to move for an hour or two whilst I make my way through a book. When I finish a book, I love how it makes me feel and I love that it forces me to take a little while away from the screen, which is even better when it's just before bed. 

Lighting candles around my bedroom and switching on the fairy lights have become a ritual for me over the last couple of months as I really find the low light and flickering flames to be relaxing and set me up for a cosy evening ahead no matter what I get up to. 

What's your ultimate cosy Sunday evening? 

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