Saturday 1 February 2020

5 Things I've Added To My February To Do List

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January felt like it went on for 45 days, so February has been welcomed with open arms. I'm very ready to start creating content for Valentine's Day and getting excited for Spring's blooms. That being said, I felt like January was rather productive and a great start to 2020 as I went on a snow holiday to Austria, completed veganuary and got back in the swing of things. Here are five things I've added to my February to-do list:

Go On A Date Night | Valentine's Day always gives us the excuse to go out on a date night to somewhere tasty and enjoy a few drinks. We've already booked our table (we picked Zizzi's!) and I've been planning my outfit too! 

Continue on a 80% Vegan Diet | Doing veganuary was much easier than expected and although I'm still contemplating doing a full blog post about my experiences, long story short is made me realise just how easy it was for me personally to transition from a vegetarian diet to a vegan one. We'd already switched our milk to almond, our butter to non-diary and we haven't eaten meat in years, so I think that contributed to how I felt about doing veganuary as it made me realise that we'd been eating vegan a lot throughout the week anyway. That being said, due to certain illnesses I have I'm not 100% ready to commit personally  but I still want to give myself to aim of sticking to vegan meals 5 or 6 days a week, slowly eliminating cheese, chocolate and eggs over time. 

Make Fitness Goals | Throughout January I gave myself the goal of regularly exercising, trying to head out on a walk, go for a long bike ride or do an at-home HIIT or weights workout every day. To my surprise, I did really well and I feel like it helped me get over my January slump. For the next 29 days I want to continue the tradition and not let it slip as I struggle to sleep or relax when it gets dark so quickly in the evenings, but when I've exercised during the day, I find myself drifting off better. 

Create Valentine's Day Content | I can't wait to get my teeth stuck into creating Valentine's Day content from date night outfits to cosy set ups at home. I've just finished decorating my mirror with my latest rose garland and I've just started planning outfits for the next two weeks too, so don't forget to follow me on my Instagram to be kept up to date! 

Vamp up my wardrobe | I've put together a few of my top picks for February, but as you can see there's definitely a monochrome theme. I recently cleared out my wardrobe, fixing any pieces that needed sewing and selling others that I no longer wear anymore. Here is my current wishlist:  

What's on your February to-do list? 

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