Tuesday 18 February 2020

Creating A Cosy Home For Spring

Creating Cosy Home For Spring
Creating Cosy Bedroom
Cosy Living Room Homeware
Cosy Living Room
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Considering we're in the midst of a storm at the moment, I may be jumping ahead of myself when I say that I'm looking forward to Spring already. I've slowly started to build a homeware wishlist for the new season as I'm looking for airy light pieces that when paired together will give a cosy feel to the whole house. 

It's this time of the year that I struggle the most with motivation as I often struggle to find inspiration in my surroundings both outside and in my home too. Throughout January I opted for a cabin feel with wooden tones and the remnants of Christmas decorations, but as we're quickly heading towards March and enviably the dark evenings, I've started to incorporate rattan pieces and brass accents into my decor. 

Throughout my living room, I've started to fill sparse areas with greenery as trialling plants always cheers me up. I've got shelves in several places including a ladder bookcase which I want to update now as they've ended up getting random trinkets I don't know where else to put them. I've moved my Roberts Radio around a few times until I found a spot I was happy for it to sit in, but now there's a couple of places that need filling. I've got a big lamp by our pink chair and a floor lamp that gives off the most beautiful soft, warm lighting, but I'm looking for maybe another one as I find that they create the perfect ambience for early Spring and Summer evenings. 

In my bedroom, the corner that I started last Summer never really got finished as I changed my mind half way through, but I've finally started to think of new ideas again. I've got a couple of hats already handing up there, but I want to put the rest up too alongside a print or tapestry as well. This corner is a particular favourite of mine as it really makes me bedroom feel cosy without overcrowding it either. 

Below are some of the pieces on my wishlist at the moment: 

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