Thursday 6 February 2020

Insta Story Hacks - The Best Gifs and Filters

 Insta Story Best Gifs and Filters
 Insta Story Best Gifs and Filters
Over the last few months I've been trying to improve my Instagram stories regularly, using filters, gifs and design hacks to make them more aesthetically pleasing to my followers. I asked on there if you would like to see this post and I had an overwhelming positive response (you can follow me on Insta here), but as it was getting super long I decided to split these posts so there will now be an Instagram stories series. Today I am sharing my favourite filters and gifs, but I've got typography and design hacks coming up soon. 

The Best Instagram Story GIFS | I know how hard it can be to find good gifs on Insta stories, but after finding a trend of Tik Tok (I know who am I?!) where people share their favourites, I've now got quite the stash. It requires you to type in certain phrases to get gifs up, so save the list below to upgrade your Insta stories! 
  • Greendotori - White graphics including hearts and stars.
  • Mikyla - A variety of pastel swirls, heart shapes and coffee. 
  • Floweringwords - Calligraphy phrases including adventures and hello. 
  • Hearts White - Self explanatory these gifs are mostly white hearts. 
  • Happymousestudio - Great for Autumn/Winter. Adorable graphics. 
  • Gladdest - Cute pastel graphics including moon, stars and hearts. 
  • The Uncommon Place - Vibrant flowers and rainbow written words. 
  • Hanmade - White and pink swirled typography.
  • Vipapier - Various words in pastel hues. 
  • Malenaflores - Pink girly graphics including words, books and flowers etc.
  • Happpyal - Flowers, weekend/weekday words and rainbows.
  • Studiojonesie - New post, big news and various phrases. Perfect for Christmas. 
  • Boho -  Simple imagery in neutral shades. 
  • Lidiaontheroad - A variety of phrases in calligraphy 
  • Ohlalalita - All white simple graphics. 
  • Wildflowerbar - Wildflower is another phrase for cute plant images. 

The Best Filters | I know there's various apps that can transform the simplest of images and videos into vintage montages with the perfect speckles and flawless skin, but I've been really enjoying using the filters in-app. Gone are the days when you've just got to stick to the dog filters as below are my favourite filters that you can search and save. If you've seen a filter you like on your favourite influencer, then just tap where underneath their name on the top left corner and you can try it before you save, but if you do enjoy it then just tap "save effect". 
  • Cinema Stories 7 by Ruzaone 
  • Equinox by Filmapp 
  • Film 01 by Elenagoues
  • Moody up by Carmushka
  • V I N T A G E by Yulya.kors
  • Analog 01 by Elenagoues
  • A4 Filter by Thaifurtado
  • Milk*Two by Ya.molli
  • Pink Ice by Naschies
  • Hygge Preset One by
  • Moody*Tones by thaifurtado
  • Kira-Kira by Chrislprice
  • Coffee Bean Preset by Apasynkovaa
  • Warm&Cozy Autumn by Alenafine
  • Boho Filters by Jammahavan
  • RetroCAM by Yulya.kors
What are your favourite Instagram story gifs and filters? 

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