Sunday 13 October 2019

A Cosy Autumn Evening Routine

A Cosy Autumn Evening Routine
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This cold weather makes me want to cosy up and settle down for the evening and after a hard week, I thought that sharing my relaxing Autumn routine would be perfect to go up on a Sunday! 

I start off the evening either with a baking or cooking session. I've found listening to a podcast whilst either whipping up a batch of delicious cupcakes or cooking my favourite warming dinner very relaxing and helps me de-stress especially if I pick something I've made before. I find soups, curry's and even making your favourite childhood dinner definitely makes you feel extra cosy! 

I treat myself to dinner in front of the television and I stick on something that I love. The Harry Potter films are always a good idea, but even stick on your favourite TV series. Gilmore Girls is a great Autumn pick as it never fails to make me feel cosy, but even a spooky offering like the new American Horror Story which feels very fitting for this season. 

After dinner, I like to run myself a bubble bath with lots of candles and relaxing music playing. Lush bath bombs or bubble bars are always a top choice for me, but the Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée is a long time favourite! In the bath, I like to make the most of having some time alone and I like to pamper myself from head to toe. I like to give my locks a deep cleanse using the Kristin Ess Bubble Mask which you use underneath your shampoo and then I follow up using a nourishing hair mask, whilst I shave my legs and exfoliate all over. 
A Cosy Autumn Evening Routine
When I get out, I take my time to add a luxurious body butter and pop my hair up in a towel to dry. Whilst it's drying, I like to put on my side light to add a certain ambience to the room as I paint my nails in a fresh shade for Autumn - the Essie Angora Cardi being my go-to. 

Then I head back downstairs to put on the rest of my TV series with a cup of tea in my favourite mug (this one is similar) and some chocolate or a cupcake I baked earlier. I like to light my candles around my living room and put on my lamp that gives off a soft light; then I get underneath my bundle of blankets! If you're not feeling TV, then I would recommend listening to a podcast, reading that book on your to-read pile or just dancing around to a feel good playlist! 

What's your favourite things to do on a cosy evening? 

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