Wednesday 23 January 2019

Travel Skincare and Makeup Bag

Travel Beauty Bag
I'm off to Prague for a few nights and I have the task of packing all my skincare and makeup into two small bags. I'm not the best when it comes to packing light, not forgetting anything and making sure nothing leaks, but I'm giving it my best. 

I like to make sure I take any miniature shampoos I have laying around or refill the empty bottles at least as I don't wash my hair more than twice whilst we're away so there's no need to pack that unnecessary weight. The same goes for shower gel and this isn't just because of the extra room it'll take up, but you run more of a risk of it going all over your toiletries. 

As for skincare, I like to keep things to a minimum as much as I can, opting for a travel sized eye makeup remover, a smaller cleanser and a moisturiser too. I don't like anything too fancy when I'm away and as Prague is currently in the minus degrees, I don't know how my skin is going to be. I like to make sure everything is moisturising and I have a lip balm to hand too. 

Makeup is where it gets a little trickier as I don't want to bring makeup that I'd be devastated if it got broken, but equally I know I'll miss some items if I go without. I tend to go for a foundation (with a secure lid!), a concealer, a liquid eyeliner, mascara and a brow pencil as my basics maybe throwing in a nude lipstick for good measure. This time though I'm also going to bring the Hourglass palette as it's got everything you need it one place so I don't need to take separate bronzer, blusher and powder compacts with me. 
What are your top tips on packing light(er)? 

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