Sunday 20 January 2019

A Homeware Wishlist

Homeware is my weakness at the moment as I've been meaning to switch up my bedroom, office and living room for some time now. Adding little accessories to help compliment the room is one of my favourite things to do, but there's a big purchase I want to make this (that I talk about later in this post). If you want to be enabled then read on! 

Chickidee is a new found favourite of mine and I discovered it through ASOS. Their homeware is reasonably priced and their Knot Cushion would look great on my sofa. Their Hanging Macrame Wall Decoration is one that I'm looking at picking up as it'll compliment the colours in my print wall perfectly and fit into a space there too. 

There's quite a few other homeware places that I love, but I never knew that River Island did interior pieces. This Embroidered Tassel Cushion is perfect for my home and I'm looking to pick it up alongside this Cream Chevron Stool. I haven't bought anything from them before, so I don't know what the quality is like, but all of them look great. 

Marks and Spencer is very underrated and although I'm trying to stay away from any trinkets, this Gold Hexagon Box is calling my name. This Iris Dobby Spotted Bedding is a set that every blogger seems to own and I'm trying to resist, but it is hard as this set is so up my street. 

Onto a big item now, but I'm currently on a new sofa search. We've had the one we've got since we first moved in to our first flat, but I think it's looking a little too shabby and is no longer to be taste. The John Lewis Arlo 3 Seater Sofa which is the kind of shape that I want to go for, but the 

What are you currently lusting after? 

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