Sunday 27 January 2019

Favourite Winter Face Masks

- This post is in collaboration with SBC Gels, but all thoughts are my own - 

Face masks are my favourite part of my skincare routine, they make my skin feel softer, look clearer and help how smooth my makeup goes on too. Today, I thought I'd share with you some of my go-to's for Winter season. 

The SBC 3 Piece Mask Wardrobe has been one of my go-to's recently as I like to use the three to tackle different problem areas on my skin. The witch hazel and zinc offering helps to clear the skin as the salicylic acid gets to work on any blemishes I have. The reason why I love this mask so much is because it's similar to a clay based offering, but it's super gentle, so it doesn't irritate nor dry out my skin. Initially I thought the cucumber hydrating gel mask was my favourite out the bunch, but it's so hard to choose. This one feels super soothing on the skin, keeps my complexion feeling nourished and looking extremely glowy too. If I want a good allrounder that does it all then I reach for the collagen radiance mask as in ten minutes this clay pick helps to tone, hydrate and reduce the appearance of lines too. For £23.50 for the three, you do really get an amazing deal as they work so wonderfully on my skin! You can buy them from QVC now. 

When I want to really want something to get to work on the dry patches on my skin I go for the Drunk Elephant Babyfacial which unfortunately still isn't available in the UK, but it's AHA/BHA ingredients resurfaces the skin and improves it's overall texture. I follow this up with something that will quench the skin like the Glossier Moon Mask as it makes my skin look radiant. Whenever my complexion looks a little lacklustre, I always use this to plump it back up again which is a regular occurrence at this time of the year. 

Another option is the Fresh Rose Face Mask, a mask that I have now had multiple tubs of. It's a lightweight formula that can get to work in just five minutes and it smells divine. It's soothing, refreshing and visibly changes the way my skin looks too. 

What are your favourite face masks? 

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