Sunday 13 January 2019

Five Programmes To Watch On TV Now

Five Programmes To Watch On TV Now
Despite starting the year off with a chesty cough and the flu, I did manage to make my way through lots of TV shows. I failed to get into Brooklyn 99 and I've had a few other switch offs too, but on the whole it's already been a great year for TV show discoveries and I wanted to share with you my top picks today. 

Derry Girls | Set in the 90's in Northern Island, I found this programme on the whim whilst looking for new funny finds to put on whilst I work. It follows the lives of four girls and it's a light watch if you want something to make you giggle. The only downside to this programme is the fact there's only one season and at under half an hour an episode, you make your way through it very quickly. 

Sex Education | One of the best ways I've seen Sex Education described is that it's a mix between Skins and End Of The F*cking World with High School Musical outfits. Despite the odd American/British mash up, 70's houses and 90's outfits, I really enjoyed this programme and can't wait for the second series (fingers crossed there is one). 

You | We ended up binge watching You on Netflix in two nights. It was so gripping and I would recommend it if you don't fancy something funny like my other two picks, but want something that you'll really get in to. 

Netflix Bandersnatch | If there's anything Netflix related released, I'll always be the first one there. I know Bandersnatch received some mixed reviews, but I thought the interactive element to it made it very unique. We were watching the programme for a good few hours and even now I'm not sure if we got to watch all the outcomes. 

Luther | Season five of Luther prompted us to re-watch all the older series whilst we were poorly a few weeks back and I'm so glad we did as it was so good. I would say that the last two seasons aren't as good as the first three, but they're worth a watch nevertheless. An honourable mention has to made to another TV show which was Hidden, a BBC welsh police drama (also known as Craith) which follows the story of a girl who has been kidnapped - a great pick if you like the likes of Thirteen and Luther. 

What programmes would you recommend to watch? 


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