Wednesday 30 January 2019

A Sephora Haul

Sephora Haul
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Whenever I go away anywhere that has a Sephora I always have to pop in to have a browse. In Prague there were a couple of stores, but I only picked up a few things that I've had my eye on my a while as I was trying to be good. 

The Sephora Sheet Masks are always a must for me as I love them so much and I never feel like I buy enough of them. I picked up the Algae offering which helps to detox and purify the skin, whilst the Coconut one nourishes and soothes - something my skin is in dire need of after our trip. 

For the first time, I also picked up the Shea Lip Mask which I used whilst away as my lips had got really sore when the cold weather. It did the job perfectly, making my lips feel much softer after just one use. On the sore lip topic, I also spontaneously picked up one of their Super Nourishing Lip Balm as I didn't bring one with me and although I felt like the price was pretty steep for what it was, it has helped them a lot! 

I've been after the Dr Jart+ Shake and Shot Rubber Hydro Mask for some time now and as it was just there, I thought why not. I've already used this and I can safely say that I'll be buying more when I next have a big event to go to or if my skin needs extra TLC. It's super fun to mix together, yet easy too. You simply mix the two sachets together in the pot you're giving and then you shake it until fully mixed, the mixture goes thick and you have a couple of minutes to put it on your face. Over the next twenty minutes it starts to solidify until you can peel it off. It made my complexion look a lot smoother and feel softer too - I think I'll be trying out their Soothing Face Mask option next. 

Lastly, I picked up the IGK Beach Club Texturising Spray which is a brand I absolutely adore and as it was by the til I was just sucked in to buying it. I need to give it a proper testing, but so far so good and I'm happy it's in a handy travel sized can making it easy to carry around for top ups. 

What do you think of my Sephora haul? 


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