Tuesday 1 May 2018

5 Things I've Added To My May To-Do List

I'm back! I took just over a week off from my blog in order to take some time out for myself as creatively I'd burnt myself out. I wanted to come back with a May to-do list first as I want to start the month off right. Here are five things I've added to this month's to-do list: 

Find Some Spring Appropriate Recipes | When the weather gets warmer, I tend to opt for lighter, easier recipes as I don't want to be huddled over the oven for too long. An array of olives, breads and dips are usually a dinner favourite in the Spring and Summer, but I want to explore Spanish omelette and haloumi salad combinations. 

Write, Write, Write | I'm not just talking about blog posts, but I want to plan more of the content I'm creating, plus as a way of reflecting whilst I had time off last week, I decided to write down all my thoughts, ideas and make a huge to-do list.

Shoot Some Outfits | I started to photograph my outfits when the weather started to get better, but now that the sun has disappeared I've turned to planning what I'm going to wear and where we're going to go in time for when it starts warming up. Fashion content is coming to my blog soon (I hope) and I've got lots of ideas in my head which I can't wait to put into play. 

Learn Something New | I've got the desire to learn something new, from doing a creative hobby, taking up some lessons of sign language or simply doing my own online research for an area I want to have some knowledge in. I've been itching to make my brain work in a different way, even going as far as re-learning some maths techniques I used to use - who knew! 

Sort out My Wardrobe | Having lost quite a fair bit of weight since last Summer, my wardrobe is looking in dire need of a sort out. Most of my older clothes no longer fit me, so I think they'll need to find a better home or to be thrown out. I've been picking up pieces here and there (these ASOS Soft Fluted Shorts are a recent addition) for my new warmer wardrobe, but I've still got a few areas that need some extra items. Here's what is on my wishlist at the moment:  

What's on your May to-do list?

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