Tuesday 8 May 2018

Glossier Invisible Shield

With a sudden spate of hot weather in the UK over the past few weeks, I've finally been able to put the Glossier Invisible Shield to the test properly; making sure it protects my skin adequately, not just make my skin feel smooth and prepped for makeup. Here are my thoughts: 

Just like it's name, it offers invisible protection leaving no white cast on the face. It promises to be non-comedogenic which means it's made to not block the pores. This is something I always worry about when applying SPF to the face, because sometimes they can be a too thick and heavy on the skin. I've mentioned it before, but I really love the way this feels on the skin whereby it is silky and smooth without any silicone to be seen. When I apply foundation over the top, it looks flawless and doesn't interrupt the formula at all. 

You're supposed to reapply it every two hours, so thats a little impossible if you do decide to wear a base, and even if you don't anyway (the recent heat made me go bare faced!), applying it every two hours is slightly inconvenient, although not unheard of when it comes to SPF.

It's simple, smells slightly of oranges (so you may need to be extra careful if you're sensitive to scents) and I haven't had a burnt face since using it, so it's definitely doing it's job. I really rate it and it's definitely in the top SPF's I've tried for my face; in fact it's quite rare for me to remember to use protection everyday, but with this one it's a delight. 

Have you tried the Glossier Invisible Shield?

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