Monday 23 April 2018

Decluttering My Makeup Stash + A Wishlist

Decluttering and Organising My Makeup Storage
I'm not sure if it's because it's starting to feel like Spring, but I've got the decluttering bug again and I'm on a mission to sort out my makeup collection once more. I'm not being as drastic as I was last time, as I don't have a lot of makeup to throw out due to it being out of date, however I have quite a few bits to re-home, so I thought I'd share with you what my decluttering routine is and what products have made it onto my wishlist. 

I want to give everything another clean and a re-organise as I've slowly started to live out of makeup bags again, despite having Alex drawers and muji storage too. When I'm taking various different products out throughout the week, it can be hard to keep track of what you put back and what you should keep out. I want to stack my eyeshadow palettes, sort my lipsticks out by brand/colour and make sure that all my foundations are screwed on properly. 

With a complete lack of concealer all of a sudden, I rifled through my base drawer to find a few dregs of product left in several tubes and it made me 1. rediscover some real gems and 2. made me realise that I should bring out products to the front more. I like to have a makeup bag full to the brim of products I'm trialling, but I wanted to make sure I'm continuing to switch them around more. A nude blush one day, a peach pink the next for example. 

Any duplicates I've accumulated are going to be rehired, especially for products that I won't make my way through for a while. I'm very lucky to get sent lots of products and I'm never ungrateful, but bar a handful of duplicates (that I'm so happy I've got a back up of because I'm running low) the rest I'm going to give away to make others smitten with them too! 

Despite having an extensive makeup collection, it doesn't stop me from wanting new pieces to add to my stash. I've got a few things that I'm lusting after, but here are my current top wishlist picks - including some skincare items too: 

Do you enjoy decluttering your makeup? What's on your wishlist? 

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