Saturday 5 May 2018

Banish Acne Scars Starter Kit

- This post is in collaboration with Banish Acne Scars - 

Throughout my teenage years I always suffered with several spots at a time which, combined with some bad skincare advice, led me to have quite a few bits of scarring and redness on my face; especially around my nose, chin and in between my brows. I then was challenged by Banish Acne Scars to see if their Starter Kit could begin helping me with my problems, so I thought it was definitely worth a shot. 

Exfoliating face masks always react well with my skin, so I was looking forward to trying out the Pumpkin Enzyme Masque as it contains an array of skin loving ingredients including AHA's to exfoliate the skin, making it appear clearer and smoother. This smells like something you'd find around Autumn time, but it really works. After one use, my skin was glowing and, despite it drying down, it didn't make my skin feel tight. I've been using this before my makeup when I want it to go on more smoothly and it's been a dream. 

When I first opened up the Pore Smasher I think I might have squealed with excitement as I've wanted to try a contraption like this for some time now. It's big, so it covers a large area at a time and it's oh-so-cooling, which is perfect for warm days. As for the skin benefits, it certainly de-puffs the skin (to my surprise) and it really reduces redness, which is why I like to use it in the morning before makeup application. I've been using this every day and it's one of the first things I reach for. If I'm honest I thought the novelty would wear off after a while, but it's been amazing to use! 

The Activated Charcoal Clay Masque comes in a powder form and makes me feel like I'm mixing lotions and potions together. Although I've got dry skin and was skeptical that this would dry my skin out even more, I apply it where I get blemishes the most around my nose, chin and in-between my eyebrows and I've since seen an improvement in the way my skin looks (plus I've got a lot less blackheads on my nose - hurray!). This does bring a lot of impurities to the surface, which then makes my blemishes come out, but after a day or two they start to disappear and that's when you see the difference it's made. 

Vitamin C is one of my favourite ingredients to use on my skin, so I knew that the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir would be the product I'd want to get along with. Vitamin C has helped me calm my redness, brighten my lacklustre complexion and help with general smoothness and texture. The fact it comes in a spray bottle is something I haven't seen before or used, but the minty scent is so lovely as it's super refreshing. It's doesn't make the skin too 'soggy', but it has a slight tackiness to it, making it a great primer for the skin before makeup. I particularly like using this on days when I'm not wearing any makeup too, as it sinks in after a couple of minutes leaving the complexion feeling soft, smooth and radiant. 

I've never used anything like the Banisher Stamp or Roller before, in fact I've alway been slightly scared to try it out. It's supposed to reduce the appearance of acne scars- which is something I previously mentioned I suffer from on my chin and around my nose especially- so I was excited to start the process of reducing them. You're only supposed to use it every 2 weeks, but I did feel like these made a difference when using products and how my skin then absorbed them. The Banisher works by creating tiny micro wounds which trick the skin into thinking it needs repairing, thus boosting cell regeneration which helps with acne scars over time, working in a similar way to micro needling. I use it with the Banish Oil which is a thick oil that sinks into the skin beautifully, doesn't leave it feeling oily and makes my skin feel super smooth. 

As a side note Banish are vegan friendly (if you're wondering!), are made freshly using fresh ingredients and they now ship internationally from the US. For more about the backstory behind the brand you can read it here, but for a quick summary Banish was started by a girl called Daisy who had suffered with acne since school. Her dream job was to be a dermatologist and she set out to find a fix. Daisy started her own YouTube channel and upon discovering other people who suffered with acne, she started Banish with the ingredients and products she'd put together which had reduced hers and other people's acne. 

Have you tried Banish Acne Scars? 

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