Wednesday 2 May 2018

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I've used the Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge on and off for many years now, whilst using the Beauty Blender a lot more, but reaching for the RT offering when I need something a little bit more affordable to replace it. I realised I haven't reviewed it before, so I thought I'd do so today. 

When I first started using makeup sponges I never got along with them (who remembers the Cosmopolitan sponge?) as I never knew that I needed to expand them with water. The Real Techniques one doesn't absorb as much water as the Beauty Blender. This means it isn't as bouncy which is something I look for, but on the plus side it doesn't absorb as much foundation, so that's a plus for less wastage. 

Because this doesn't go as bouncy as I would like, I feel like my foundation and concealer go on a lot more matte and there's a higher coverage, which is something some people may like. The finish cannot be faulted however as it always looks fully blended and the various surfaces means you can get into every corner of your face. The slightly harder surface takes a little while to get used to and I find it does take a little longer to blend than my beauty blender, which literally takes a few seconds. 

At under £5 it's hard not to mention the price as you can even buy multipacks of these if you know you're a fan to keep the price down even more. Just like every other sponge, I try to replace it every three months and this one washes nicely too. 

Have you tried this Real Technique Makeup Sponge? 

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