Friday 25 May 2018

Updated Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection
Charlotte Tilbury still remains one of my favourite high end brands to buy from; the products are high quality and the packaging is dreamy too. I've grown quite a collection over the years and I thought it was about time I did an updated Charlotte Tilbury round-up post. 

Starting with the latest addition to my collection; the Flawless Filter*. described as a complexion booster, this can be used under your base, with your favourite foundation, or over the top as a highlighter. I've got a full review coming later on this, but my first impression is that I really like it. It adds a glow that can be customised to your liking, but it never looks unnatural or glittery - a great way to add a soft focus and blur filter to the complexion. 

The Light Wonder Foundation has been one of my Spring go-to bases and no doubt I'll be wearing it into the Summer too. It gives just the right amount of coverage on blemishes or redness for everyday wear when it's warm outside, but still looks undetectable on the skin and super natural. It's quite dewy which is something to consider if you prefer matte foundations and, although I was slightly apprehensive to begin with, I've definitely grown to love it even more as I've used it over the past few months. 

Another foundation that Charlotte Tilbury has to offer is their Magic Foundation; a base you'll recognise if you've been reading my blog for a while. Although the colour match I chose would be way off now, it's a foundation that I seriously consider repurchasing whenever I run out of my current base as it offered a great amount of coverage whilst looking flawless on the skin - it's definitely one to have a swatch and see how you feel with the colour matching and formula. 

When the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand and Contour Wand got released I was instantly drawn to them as they're both cream highlighter and contour, which is something I've been really into as of late. I feel like they don't get as much hype as they really ought to because these offer a gorgeous colour pay off, longevity and overall quality too. Although the sponge applicator is a little unhygienic, I look past that due to the highlighter being one of the best I've ever used (yes I said it!) and the contour being the perfect hue for my skin tone. 

The Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette has been a cult classic for some time now and for a very good reason; the bronzing shade is just the right amount of warmth and cool so that you can use it to contour and to add colour. The highlighter isn't my favourite at the moment, but it's hard to deny that it's still beautiful nevertheless - it's glow looks gorgeous in just a quick sweep across the cheekbones. This palette still remains one of my favourite Charlotte Tilbury products to this day! 
Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection
One of the products that moved onto a better home was the Cheek to Chic Blusher because I didn't use it as much as I should have done. The colour Ecstasy used to be my sort of shade, but I didn't get as much wear out of it as I would have liked, so decided to give it away. 

The Retoucher was a concealer I owned many years back, but have kept the packaging purely for this post to come along. It was great under the eyes and offered great coverage, but didn't look too caky. As there's so many concealers on the market to try I rarely go back to the same one and this one didn't wow me nor did it disappoint, so I'd definitely give it another whirl in the future. 

On to eye makeup now and the Dolce Vita Palette of course had to get a mention first. I remember when this was one of the most coveted palettes and for a very good reason too. It's pigmentation is amazing, the quad is easy to use and still remains one of the palettes I bring out every festive season as it's just perfect for parties. Although I've put this to the back of my makeup storage a few times, it always makes it's way to the front, making it one of my long standing favourites. 

I really don't use this Eyes To Mesmerise in Bette enough anymore as the cream to sheen formula would be perfect for the time of year and the colour; a coppery hue, would look great with a tan. This post might just make me put this back into my makeup bag again! Same goes for the Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet which I have to admit I forgot I even owned until writing up this post and realising that it's gone walkabouts. 
Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection Lipstick
Due to Charlotte Tilbury being generous and sending over some of their new shades a few months back, my lipstick collection has grown quite a bit. The Duchess* and The Queen* have been welcomed with open arms as the latter is different from anything I've owned before, whereas the former is a classic nude that can do no wrong. Both are easy to wear, comfortable and pigmented - making Charlotte Tilbury one of my favourite high end if not all time lipstick brands. 

A lipstick shade that I used to wear out, but now not so much is Bond Girl. I bought this long before Pillow Talk or The Duchess was ever released and I wanted to wear something more natural. Looking back this was a wrong decision as I find Bond Girl more a brown tone which sits quite dark on me, so this may need to find a better home soon. 

I'm going to be completely honest and say that I've misplaced my Pillow Talk Lip Cheat to my horror as it's one of my favourite lip liners that I feel looks natural, but still does something to the appearance of my lips. The coordinating lipstick, Pillow Talk is the perfect hue for if you want an easy everyday nude that is matte, but still offers a little moisture so it can sit perfectly on the lips. My blog post for it still remains one of my most read posts of all times, so I think it's a firm favourite in many people's makeup bags. 

Lastly is Legendary Queen*, an intense red that was basically made for your Christmas party. It's a Matte Revolution formula which makes it super matte, yet comfortable too. It's slightly more brighter than it looks online, but it's gorgeous nevertheless. I've got a full line up of the Your Lip Service lipstick trio here

Here are the products that are currently on my Charlotte Tilbury wishlist: 

What are your favourite Charlotte Tilbury products? 

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links. 

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