Wednesday 8 November 2017

Warm Toned Eyeshadows and Dark Lips

I feel like I've really upped my makeup game recently, especially when it comes to Autumnal hues, champagne sparkles and warm toned berry shades and I like that they match my wardrobe theme of mustard, stripes and navy or black very well. Warm toned eyeshadows go amazingly with my hair colour and skin tone, so I've always been drawn to them, but now that they're on trend, I'm loving that you can get these hues everywhere. Here is a run down of my top picks: 

I've been sporting a warm toned eyeshadow look for some time now and the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette* is mainly to blame. With an array of stunning shades including vivid burgundy reds and smokey soft browns, it's no surprise that this has been glued to my hands this season. Another palette that compliments this one perfectly and is actually a very new addition to my makeup bag is the Huda Beauty Mini Warm Brown Obsessions Palette*. Eyeshadow either captures my attention or it doesn't, but the fact that I've worn this all week says a lot. I can't give my final verdict yet, but I had to include it as it's what inspired this blog post. I've been tempted by the Mauve Obsessions one next as it looks like it'll be great for the party season. 

If I'm looking for a little bit of sparkle on my lids, I always reach for the Colourpop Muse Eyeshadow as it is simply dreamy. It's slightly pinkier that the other offerings on show, but when worked in with a matte brown and a gold glitter, it looks gorgeous. Another sparkly favourite of mine is the MAC Tan Pigment, one that I always bring out at this time of the year and it looks great in the centre of my lid. 

For lips, I've been loving creating ombre lip with a lighter nude shade, like the NYX Exotic Lip Lingerie* in the middle and a darker brown, like the NYX Liquid Suede* on the outer corners. I'm not usually into dark lipsticks unless they're red or berry toned, but I'm getting into brown hued offerings even more lately. 

When I do want a dark berry lip, I always opt for the NYX Copenhagen Soft Matte Lip Cream as it's nourishing and doesn't dry the lips out either - It looks perfect paired with a warm toned, reddish eyeshadow. 

Do you like the warm eyeshadows and dark lip trend? 

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links. 

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