Wednesday 15 November 2017

Five Autumnal Essie Picks

Five Essie Autumnal Picks
After doing Three Summer Essie Picks and Five Essie Nudes back in the Summer, I thought it was about time that I added a new addition all about my favourite Autumnal shades that look perfect paired with layers of clothes ready for the chillier weather. 

If I had to chose, Ladylike would probably be my favourite all-round nail vanish as it looked chic with minimal effort. It's the lightest of the bunch, but it is my favourite mauve nude hybrid that I own - Incredibly dreamy and a must have! 

I picked up Clothing Optional when their Wild Nudes Collection was first released and it's been a favourite ever since. It's unlike anything I've owned before as it's a mix between a berry and a brown, so it's very fitting for the Autumn season. 

Angora Cardi did it's rounds in blogging many years ago, but it's unique berry hue is absolutely dreamy, so it's no wonder that it's stayed around. It's darker than the other two offerings, but is still great if you're not after a super intense, statement nail vanish. Although most of the Essie nail vanishes wear well, I'm not sure if there's something extra in Angora Cardi's formula because I find it lasts so much longer on my nails than the other offerings. 

A long serving favourite of mine has been Bahama Mama, it's one of, if not the first Essie nail vanish I ever bought and there's something about it that just reminds me of all the Autumns and Christmas' at once. Over the Christmas period, I often wear this with a glitter on top to add a festive spin to it. 

Lastly, there's Sole Mate, a deep plum hue that at first glance could be comparable to Bahama Mama, but it's a lot darker in tone. With two coats, you get an opaque finish and with a quick slick of a top coat, you'll have gorgeous, sleek nails - It's one I've been reaching for when I want something to go with everything. 

What are your favourite Essie colours? 

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