Friday 10 November 2017

Autumn Skincare Routine

The biggest changes in my skincare routine tend to come around this time of the year. The cold weather tends to make my complexion dehydrated and the abundance of Christmas chocolate coming into the shops tends to play havoc with my skin too. I've been getting into skincare much more lately, so I thought I'd share with you some of my Autumn skincare switch ups. 

My cleansing routine is fairly similar to what it was a couple of months ago (despite running dreadfully low on my Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser), but I switched to a different morning cleanser to help make my skin feel as clean as can be and refreshed after a night's sleep. The Caolion Pore Triple Action Stick* has been a slower burner for me as it didn't really take off my makeup as effectively as I would like, but when using it on bare skin in the morning I found it visibly made my skin look clearer in a few days. It's super easy to use being in stick form, and I really just enjoy using it in the morning. 

The Pixi Glow Tonic* has made it's way back into my skin care routine - can we get a hallelujah? It's budget alternative went a bit awol over the start of Autumn, so I cracked this one out and I'm so glad I still enjoy it. It helps with blemishes, keeps my complexion looking radiant and is everything I want in a skin clarifying toner. 

Masks have been my downfall these few months, I've used one almost everyday and I found that they really helped to combat any of my skin woes as I could tailor which ones I reached for depending on what I felt like that day. For hydration, I've been reaching for the Fresh Rose Mask* and Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask*They're both great at really deeply nourishing my skin, getting rid of any dry patches and making my complexion look in tip-top condition. 
For when I'm suffering with blemishes, the Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack has been a go-to. Unlike other clay offerings that often strip any moisture out my skin, this one draws impurities out whilst slightly hydrating - A pleasant surprise from Glossier considering this was the one product I thought I would dislike before I even tried it! 

When I like a brand I do tend to buy other products in the range; Fresh, Glossier and Pixi are just three examples of this. A new brand I've been loving and have lusted after for many months now is Farmacy and the Honey Drop Moisturiser* is a much needed addition to my morning skincare routine. I feel like I've really upped my game when it comes to what I use after I've woken up and this offering is great for when I want to calm my skin, yet nourish it too. It's not too heavy so can easily be worn underneath makeup, but for me personally it's not what I'd look for in an evening moisturiser. 

For an evening moisturiser, I have been reaching for the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration* pick and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised with how well it's improved my skin. When it comes to moisturiser, I want something that'll leave my skin feeling clean, hydrated and radiant, and this one does it all, but at a whole new level - I'm smitten and when paired with the mask my skin looks improved overnight (yes that good). 

What is in your Autumn skincare routine? 

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links. 

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