Thursday 9 November 2017

Lush Christmas Picks

Whenever the weather starts to get colder and the festivities begin, I can't help but make a Lush order or two so I can fill my bath up with a delicious amount of bubbles and make the waters fizz. Here are the Lush products I recently picked from their Christmas range: 

The Magic Of Christmas is a must-have every year; this cinnamon scented bubble bar wand makes for a delicious evening treat. I had a bit of a mishap with the stick it comes with, but Lush's customer service soon resolved that. If you like a warm, almost edible scent then look no further. It's reusable and I find that I get around 5 uses out of it, which means I can slightly justify it more money-wise. 

I know some people are opposed to glittery bath products, but during the festive season I do reach for them. The Star Light Star Bright bath melt was first in my basket, but I did keep taking it out as I wasn't too sure if I'd like to scent. Luckily, I really like it as it's fresh and fruity at the same time. It's not too overpowering, but if you don't like glitter it's best to steer clear from this one - However, I can't wait to bathe in it! 

If there's one scent that I'm always drawn to it's rose, and the Snow Angel is one that I pick up every year - and one that i'm already tempted to buy a few more of. It's glittery, it smells warm yet sweet and is shaped like an angel; everything I want from a bath melt. I get an almond and vanilla scent from it too and it's a pick I can't get enough of. 

Plum Snow was a new offering that I wanted to try and I couldn't believe how big it was when I received it. I'll definitely be getting my money's worth out of this one! It's blackberry scented, which means that it's slightly more fresh and therefore possibly more fitting for Springtime than Autumn, but I love it nevertheless. 

Another repurchase of mine is Magic Wand, a snow fairy scented reusable bubble bar that not only creates a luscious amount of bubbles to unwind in, but it lightly moisturises and scents the body too. If I want even more bubbles, I just snap a bit off and crumble it under running water, but swishing it around does the trick too. If you like a sweet, bubblegum fragrance then this one will be your best bet. 

I picked up the Twilight Shower Gel a couple of months ago and I've been so impressed with it that I hope they make it permanent like they did with the Sleepy Body Lotion. It sends me right to sleep, just like most lavender scents do, and it's great paired with other sleep inducing products too. Very fitting for those relaxing, festive evenings. 

Talking of sweet scents, I picked up another one of their Snow Fairy Body Conditioner as there is something about it that reminds me of Christmas and cosy evenings in. I just slather it on whilst I'm in the bath and wash it off, it leaves my parched skin feeling nourished and radiant. You'll soon be smelling good enough to eat. 

I'm so impressed with this years Christmas range that I've been eyeing up another bottle of Rose Jam, a Snowman bubbleroon and maybe a Golden Wonder or two. 

Have you picked anything up from the Lush Christmas range? 

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