Wednesday 29 November 2017

A Collective Black Friday Haul

Black Friday bought around lots of discount codes and I found it hard to resist, but I did get sucked into a few. I treated myself to a few bits that I've been lusting after a while (including cheese from a Christmas market that we've demolished!). 

First up is the Miss Selfridge Navy Ooh La La Sweatshirt which I fell in love with due to the red stitched lettering and baggy style. At first I was unsure if it was too short, but it looks perfect paired with high waisted jeans or if I want to add another warm layer, I like to put a striped navy t-shirt underneath for a gorgeous contrast. 

I accidentally made an ASOS order, but unfortunately I only liked to items from it, one of which needs to go back to be exchanged for another size. The Missguided Check Frayed Hem Wrap Mini Skirt was an item I picked up as I wanted another option for a Christmas party outfit. 

As Glossier had a 20% off sale and I had some credit in my account, I treated myself to a few bits including the Glossier You Perfume, one that I have been smitten with ever since I smelt it in a sample. It's great if you want something that smells natural on the skin, yet fresh and slightly musky. I feel like this could easily be my Winter everyday fragrance for the upcoming months. Although the 20% code has now ended, you can still get 10% off using my code -

The Coconut Balm Dot Com was a bit of an on the whim purchase as I knew I wanted to pick up another lip balm, but I wasn't sure if I was taking the risk picking the coconut offering over the rose or cherry because I'm not usually a big fan of the coconut scent. It's subtle than I imagined, but I can see this being a handbag favourite. 

Lastly in the Glossier haul is the Priming Moisturiser Rich which is a pick that I was unsure about because I heard the lavender fragrance is quite overpowering and although it's definitely apparent, it doesn't linger on the skin too long. I'm looking forward to seeing if my skin loves this and I'm sure I'll give you an update on it at a later date. 

Anthropologie was the hardest to resist but I only came away with one item, the Trouvaille Mini Candle and I'm so glad I picked it up because it not only looks dreamy, but it smells divine too. I can't wait to take photographs with this and light it when I was a floral, fresh scent. 

Did you pick anything up in the black Friday sales? 

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