Tuesday 11 October 2022

Lush Halloween 2022 Collection

Lush Halloween 2022 Collection Review

A yearly tradition of mine has been to shop the latest Lush Halloween collection. This year, 2022 has offered up some new pieces that I couldn't wait to try as well as old favourites I happily welcomed back. If you're looking to shop for yourself or a loved one this Halloween season, then I hope you find some inspiration in this post. 

The 'I Want My Mummy' is the newest bath bomb I've added to my stash, but it instantly felt familiar. I noticed that it is reminiscent of the previous Christmas bath bomb, Butterbear and of course that explained why I loved it so much. Although it's not got the incredible display in the bath like other Lush products have, the chunks of cocoa butter in it paired with a delicious, yet delicate caramel scent makes for quite the luxurious and moisturising experience. 

Would it be a Lush Halloween haul without featuring Punkin Pumpkin? It's a yearly favourite of mine and I hope they never get rid of it as I not only love the cinnamon and orange scent, the exterior with the jack o lantern face is just perfect for this time of the year! 

Another must have I come back to year upon year is the Ghostie Bath Bomb. It's so beautiful to watch as it creates a colourful foam in the bath, but it's the scent that I love so much. It smells like a classic sherbet from the sweet shop which is uplifting and nostalgic - great for if you're looking for a pick me up.  

I've got two new shower products to share, the first being the Tarantula Shower Jelly which not only smells incredible, it's super fun to play around with. It's got a cherry scent with shimmering glitter in the jelly itself. It lathers up in the shower easily and you can just pop it back into the tub it comes in when you're done. I always find that I got so many uses out of the Lush reusable products and this is no exception. 

The second shower product is the Lord of Misrule shower gel which you'll be surprised to know that this year is my first time trying it out. It's earthy with notes of black pepper and patchouli, so it's unlike anything else I've tried before. It lingers on the skin for hours after use and the green colour definitely makes it fitting for the spooky season. 

Have you picked up anything from the Lush Halloween collection?


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