Wednesday 26 October 2022

30 Films and TV Shows To Watch This Halloween (and where to find them!)

Halloween Films TV Shows To Watch

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Happy Hallo-week witches! It's become a yearly tradition of mine to share inspiration on what to watch this Halloween, whether it's a scary classic or a family friendly film, there's something for everybody. Grab your sweets, get a blanket and let's settle in for a film night marathon on the 31st. 

Nostalgic and Non-Spooky Favourites 

If you don't want to hide under your duvet this Halloween, then you may be better opting for a non-scary film to watch. I personally love an old, nostalgic film to watch when I want to carve my pumpkin or just relax. The new Hocus Pocus film is now out which is currently my next pick to watch. 

Hocus Pocus (Disney+)

Coraline (BBC iPlayer)

The Craft (Netflix)

Halloweentown (Disney+)

The Addams Family (Prime)

Scooby Doo The Movie (NOW TV*)

Casper (Prime)

Zombieland (NOW TV*)

Knives Out (Prime)

Shaun of The Dead (Prime/NOW TV*)

TV Shows To Binge Watch

If you've got some extra time between now and Halloween, you may want to binge watch a TV show before the 31st. Some series be longer than others, but I do love having picking and choosing my favourite episodes from my TV shows. 

American Horror Story (Disney+)

Ghosts (BBC iPlayer)

Stranger Things (Netflix)

The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)

The Walking Dead (Disney+)

Scream Queens (Disney+)

Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)

The Vampire Diaries (Netflix/Prime)

Black Mirror (Netflix) 

Scary Films 

Whether you're a slasher film lover, psychological thriller buff or a paranormal enthusiast, then there's going to be a film for you this Halloween. I feel like this time of the year is perfect for watching the old classics, but if you want jump scares that get your heart racing, then you may prefer the newer releases. 

Scream (NOW TV*)

Midsommar (Netflix)

28 Days Later (Disney+)

Sinister (Netflix)

Paranormal Activity (NOW TV*)

Escape Room (Netflix)

The Purge (NOW TV*/Prime)

Ready or Not (Disney+)

Life (NOW TV*/Netflix)

Woman In Black (NOW TV*/Netflix)

Insidious (NOW TV*/Netflix)

What are you watching this Halloween? 


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