Friday 30 September 2022

The Best Etsy Autumn and Halloween Finds

Etsy Halloween Autumn Home Decor

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If there's one place I come back to every year when it comes to decorating my home for Autumn and Halloween, it's Etsy. They're great at finding unique pieces that you cannot find elsewhere and I always love scouring the pages for the best finds. If you're looking for some Etsy inspiration this year, then I have you covered. 

A staple of my Halloween decor over the past few years are the 3D Wall Bats. They're perfect for creating a talking piece as they are quite striking to look at, plus you can reuse them year upon year. They can easily be attached to the wall and removed at a later date! If you want something on your walls that aren't bats, then I would recommend trying out the Hanging Witches Hats or Floating Candles just like Harry Potter! 

I've probably got one too many Halloween cushions dotted around my home, but I always get questions about them. They've been collected over the years, but I thought I'd share some of my Etsy favourite finds. This Ghost Cushion is just the cutest and it made it's way onto my wishlist the moment I saw it as I saw a similar one in Homesense a year back and regretted not getting it ever since. If you like my Autumn decor, then you should check out this Soft Fabric Pumpkin as it's very similar to mine - perfect for putting on your bed or in your living room.

I have a ghost garland that I picked up from Homesense which I absolutely love, but as it's pretty hard to find, I found a great alternative on Etsy. I love the idea of mix and matching these Felt Ghosts and Felt Pumpkins together on a garland to hang up around the house. If you don't want to do this as a DIY project, then this Halloween Garland is another option for all the colour or this Pumpkin Needle Felt Garland which is equally as cute.

I feel like it's become a yearly tradition to share a cute seasonal doormat that I've found and this years is this Welcome Doormat with the cutest pumpkin accent. Another understated piece would be these Ghost Soy Candles - they're great if you want to decorate for the spooky season, but you don't want anything OTT. 

Although I was going to mainly focus this post around home decor I've found on Etsy, I have to give a quick mention to all of the pretty clothing items you can also get. This Skeleton and Ghost T-Shirt is so adorable, but it's this Halloweentown Sweatshirt that I've had my eye on my a while as not only does it look super comfortable, the design is super nostalgic.

Have you found anything on Etsy recently? 


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