Tuesday 15 November 2022

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Christmas Kitchen Decorations

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The countdown to Christmas is on! One of my favourite, yet underrated places to decorate during the festive season is my kitchen. As a collector of mugs, I love hanging up my seasonal favourites, whilst creating a cosy area to bake in. If you're similar to me, but unaware of where to go to find the best Christmas kitchen decor, then you've come to the right place. 

Starting with mugs, I absolutely love the look of this Christmas Tree Mug, but I'm currently trying to convince myself out of it as I do have quite a few. Gingerbread houses are definitely a huge trend this year, popping up in tea light holders as well as cushions, but I found this Anthropologie Cosy Home mug and thought it was perfect for those who like pink Christmas decor. 

I'm currently looking for more ways to present food over the festive period and I feel like this Christmas Tree Board would be great for cheeses, whilst this Tree Shaped Bowl would be good for nibbles. 


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